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Date Movie
10.04.15 Blue Ruin
10.02.15 Rush
10.01.15 Bone Tomahawk
10.01.15 Love & Peace
10.01.15 Darling
10.01.15 Daniel's World
09.30.15 Green Room
09.30.15 Evilspeak
09.30.15 Men & Chicken
09.30.15 River
Views Movie
11 Snakes on a Plane
5National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
4 Zodiac
4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
4 Jaws
4 Sin City
4 Napoleon Dynamite
3The Dark Knight
3The Wire
3 No Country for Old Men
Movies Views Director
1515Oliver Stone
1313Werner Herzog
1216Richard Linklater
1117Joel Coen
1012Steven Soderbergh
1011Ron Howard
1010Blake Edwards
1010Ridley Scott
918Steven Spielberg

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