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06.23.17 ZodiacDavid FincherI think this is turning out to be my favorite David Fincher movie. While I've enjoyed almost all of his films, this one seems the most watchable and to hold up the best. The cast is stellar, all playing non-showy roles (perhaps with the exception of Robert Downey Jr). And I think it's a rare film that shows the passage of time. I think the time lapse of the transamerica pyramid is one of the best ever examples of this. And I love how constrained the murders are followed by how unraveled the invastigation gets. And that look at the end. John Carroll Lynch in the hardware store. Murderous eyes. Dead face. SO GOOD. gooooood byeee....
06.17.17 John Wick: Chapter 2Chad StahelskiI thought this was a solid sequel. It can't replicate the surprise of the first one and it sets up a third one so the ending is a bit of a minor note, but the action is super solid and the odd world of secret assassin etiquette is still super interesting. It manages to do that sequel thing where they go to Europe for some reason but not have it be too forced or lame. I still don't buy Ruby Rose as tough... but that's ok. There was also a moment about halfway through where I thought maybe this world of assassins extended to where all people in the world know about it or something because there were gunfights and killings in very public places and nobody seemed to mind, but then they kind of addressed it in a funny moment so movie logic dictates that all is forgiven. So yeah, solid sequel.
06.17.17 MastermindsJared HessI guess I can't fault netflix for recommending this one to me. I like pretty much everyone involved. Except the movie isn't any good. It reminds me of an equally bad movie called Drowning Mona in that it's kind of based on a true story but it's so bizarre that it should probably stay a wikipedia page or something. I dunno.. so much talent here but it's all squandered. It's a shame too... I want another Jared Hess movie that connects like Napoleon Dynamite but this is like strike 4?