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10.14.17 Spider-Man: HomecomingJon WattsHey this was good. I feel like it's the first spider-man movie to get Spider-Man right. The humor and youth and tricky tone with the cool villain that could come off really silly but totally doesn't when you're a Spider-Man fan I think giving it a context of being in an Avengers-populated world helps, thank goodness we didn't have to sit through another origin story, and all of the supporting cast was solid. Keaton was great, I bought his motivation, and it didn't get too BIG at the end. I think this is one of my favorite Marvel movies. Feels like one of my favorites from my comic-book-reading youth is finally adapted well for the screen.
10.13.17The Dark TowerNocilaj ArcelI get that The Dark Tower books are hard to adapt, but this seems like the worst way to go about it. There's no mystique to McConaughey's character at all. Idris is good but kind of wasted, too much Jake too little everything else. Kind of a bummer.