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08.13.22 Also Starring AustinMike BlizzardI, once again, sat down to watch the movie I intended to watch last night then got completely distracted when I found this doc on youtube. It's kind of like a companion piece to that doc about all the movies filmed in LA except for the list of Austin-shot films is much shorter so it seems more exhaustive. There were one or two that I hadn't realized shot here (like Courage Under Fire and the second Texas Chainsaw Massacre) but also a ton of independent movies I'd never heard of. It's not like I'm keeping close tabs on the Zellner brothers and Andrew Bujalski though so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

In any case, this was decent. My favorite moment is when they intercut Future Kill with Blood Simple. I still remember the VHS cover of Future Kill but never actually saw it. This movie goes out of its way to say it sucks but part of me wants to track down a copy and watch it.

For the most part though, it doesn't say a whole lot (similar to LA Plays Itself), but really what is there to say other than "hey look, these movies were shot here!" so it's satisfying but trivial at the same time. Fun for me since I live here and like movies, but I doubt it's so fun for anyone else.
08.12.22 PreyDan TrachtenbergI've heard generally good things about this and felt too tired to watch my original pick for the evening. I was a bit dubious of the whole native american, prequel angle but I wound up liking it pretty well. Actually I think this falls into third place for me as being pretty decent for the most part. It's definitely the closest in vibe to the first, but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Predator 2 so it's not anywhere close to topping that.

There's still definitely some nitpicks, but I'm just mostly surprised that it didn't suck so I don't want to spend too much time thinking it apart.