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Spaghetti Western (17 movies)
Date Viewed Movie
11.10.14 Duck, You Sucker
09.24.11 Comin' at Ya!
01.24.07 Get Mean
12.01.06The Bang Bang Kid
08.29.06The Stranger Returns
08.29.06A Stranger in Town
05.29.06A Professional Gun
02.21.06 For A Few Dollars More
01.22.06 Return of Sabata
01.19.06 Adios, Sabata
01.15.06 Sabata
10.28.05The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
10.01.05 My Name is Nobody
09.30.05The Great Silence
09.29.05The Big Gundown
09.16.05The Dirty Outlaws
09.13.05 Five for Hell