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11.10.22 Arrebato
04.01.22The Bubble
12.28.21 Irma Vep
08.13.21 Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
12.09.20 Mank
09.22.19 Dolemite Is My Name
07.27.19 Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
12.20.18The Other Side of the Wind
01.18.18The Disaster Artist
08.24.16 Trumbo
08.23.16The Late Shift
07.04.16 Hail, Caesar!
09.12.14The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story
05.24.14 Saving Mr. Banks
09.23.13 Why Don't You Play in Hell?
07.29.13 Hitchcock
07.20.13The Girl
09.22.12 Berberian Sound Studio
11.05.11 Cinema Verite
09.29.11 Help, We're in the Film Industry!
05.23.09 What Just Happened?
12.26.08 Tropic Thunder
08.22.08 Tropic Thunder
06.25.08 Get Shorty
02.24.08 Be Kind Rewind
02.08.08 Rustler's Rhapsody
08.24.07 Hooper
09.06.06The Stunt Man
11.25.05 CQ
10.25.05 Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
05.25.05The Last Shot
05.03.05 Baadasssss!
03.26.05 Sex is Comedy
03.05.05 Get Shorty