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Apocalypse (23 movies)
Date Viewed Movie
07.17.22 Mad Max: Fury Road
12.30.21 Don't Look Up
09.28.15 High-Rise
05.31.15 Mad Max: Fury Road
10.06.14The New Barbarians
07.05.14 1990: The Bonx Warriors
03.29.14The Road Warrior
06.22.13The Road
09.25.11 Take Shelter
09.24.11The Day
03.09.11The Book of Eli
08.15.08 Doomsday
03.09.08 I Am Legend
09.24.07 End of the line
09.19.07 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
09.03.07The Road Warrior
08.27.07 Mad Max
05.24.07 Night of the Comet
04.21.07The Blood of Heroes
03.11.07The Signal
09.26.06The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
05.26.06 Panic in Year Zero!
11.10.05 On The Beach
10.09.05The Last Wave
10.07.05 Miracle Mile