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Title:   Snakes on a Plane
Director:   David R. Ellis
Year:   2006
Genre:   Disaster
Times Seen:   11
Last Seen:   08.18.06

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08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
i turned it up to 11. it's midnight. i'm listening to this annoying ass song once more then going home. more later.

So I am home. It's 2 AM and I'm still wide awake. Maybe Snakes on a Plane broke me. Maybe I missed my sleep window so now I have to stay up until the next one floats around. This does not bode well for my Lovecraft Sunday. More on that... Sunday I guess.

So when I got home I added the original intro that I wrote out before heading to the theater last night... and I also want to include some closing thoughts because there've been some things that popped into my head EVERY time I watched the movie but that damn music video popped them back out when I was trying to do the in-theater live updates with all the witty repartee and comments on how awesome we all were buzzing around my ears. Tomorrow I will clean all of this up (relatively speaking... I sure did say goddamn a lot today, huh) for the sake of history... but I wanted to make sure I got everything down before I actually honest to god slept.

[[i don't know if i cleaned anything up, but that part about how i will go back tomorrow and look this over... well, i did.]]

First off, for the tenth show (and really this was the last official Snakes on a Day screening... this last one was like the bonus round) I ordered Snake on a Plate and it was good. Although I did not get to see the snake wrangling live, I feel I had about as complete a Snakes on a Plane premiere event as I could ask for... without actually having a snake and/or a plane. I'm pretty sure I will look back on this experiment with fondness that I did it and it made me go to some places I don't usually go and that's cool. I certainly have no regrets about doing it... although I must admit the sword is a bit double-edged. I am feeling pride and shame simultaneously right now. Pride that I endured the entire event and am even more hardcore than the other guys, and shame that I just spent 26 hours in a theater watching the same movie over and over again. This will likely be a subject I don't volunteer in conversation but when asked about it will openly reveal all. Or maybe I'll feel different about it in the morning.


So... Snakes on a Plane. What is it about? If you ask Shannon he will tell you masturbation. He's got some pretty good arguments for that too... especially the one line that David Koechner says about what all a man can do with one hand. I have thought in each viewing about what the hell this could mean... It really makes no sense to me... I think it's a great line when he says it... but really, why is it in this movie? Aside from that though, I personally think it's just about some snakes on an airplane.

To me, this movie is very similar to the cheap B-picture Drive-in type stuff of the 70s. Granted, Lars is right in saying it also has a very writing-by-committee feel which is sort of the exact opposite of that old 70s stuff, but this movie is also very blatant with its intentions and audience. It sets out to give you exactly what you want and in the process doesn't REALLY care if it ends up making sense. I get a real sense when watching it of exactly what was re-shot for the R-rating, what's old from the PG-13 cut... the gore stuff and snake death scenes can almost be hot-swapped in any order... and even though almost every line sounds like it came from an introductory text on dramatic storytelling, these small little things fall through the cracks... like Jackson saying he's from Tennessee so he doesn't notice the heat, or Sean saying "gotta breathe" at the end like he has to remind himself of basic bodily functions and Mr. Mullet falling as he runs from the helicoptor. And is it just me or are there like 58 shots of helicoptors taking off, landing, and flying across the landscape!? For a movie about snakes on a PLANE there sure are a lot of choppers. But anyway, Even though parts of it are like cookie-cutter MTV-sized mass-dispensed entertainment nuggets, the duct tape holding it all together throws a really classic exploitation vibe my way. but like in a modern-day way. And it's called SNAKES ON A PLANE! I love that this movie now exists.

I really thought I had this movie down... but you know what? It took me until the tenth viewing to realize why it looks like major badass Eddie Kim is badly blue-screened in his fight sequence (it's like 2 shots, maybe 12 frames of film total, where they fight directly in front of the window... blue outlines both people (I guess because the skyline is like Hollywood or something... I thought I saw the Hollywood sign in there)) and until the 11th viewing to realize that the entire conversation between Bobby Cannivale's FBI agent and Todd Louiso's "hardcore" snake expert where they talk about getting anti-venom from zoos and wind up figuring out who sold Kim the snakes was completely constructed in the editing room. If you look and listen closely, what they actually say to each other makes no sense. It's like pieces of some completely different Louiso monologue was cut to fit Cannivale's re-shoot... but the effect is that Louiso comes off all the quirkier and more hardcore. I love that sudden exhausted head-back sigh that he takes at one point... like oh man I've just had to answer four questions LET ME REST.

So I guess you do pick up something new every time. But some things were there right from the beginning. Like how the Sean character belongs in some MTV movie about north shore high school surfers instead of a snakes on a plane movie... or how Eddie Kim's tireless insistence to exhaust every other option before settling on the snakes on a plane plan must've been harder than getting the bloodstains out of his white suit. Mostly though, it's the innate feeling that although this movie really kinda sucks... it's a hell of a lot of fun. And it actually delivers pretty much exactly what fans wanted from it.

Of course, you watch it 11 times and nothing makes sense. Practically every scene in the movie has at least one hole. Whole subplots, like the search for the correct anti-venom and complete list of snakes when there are only like 2 snakebite victims still alive is fruit-and point-less, or how once Mr. Mullet confesses to Kim's involvement in conspiracy to murder a plane-load of people, Sean's eyewitness to one little prosecutor (unless his last name actually was "Prosecutor") becomes kind of moot. Or the timing in which they must've gotten the snakes onto the plane in the first place... with the mysteriously fast cell call with the flight info (i guess it was quickdial) to the dousing of pheremone to the sniffing of dogs that went on the plane before they knew to put snakes there... and why the cockpit door was so easy to open before the third act when a pilot was still alive... but ANYWAY, my original intent with this paragraph was to say that all of these holes don't really matter. It doesn't have to make sense or connect all the dots or even come to any sort of conclusion... why? Because it ends with Sam Jackson surfing, that's why. Any movie that somehow involves Sam Jackson surfing... gets a free pass in my book.

Although it does make you wonder how Sean could've drawn that incredibly descriptive colored drawing of the devil on a surfboard (it looks exactly like Bali to me!) with a #2 pencil...

and seriously, how much Red Bull does that guy drink?

I will freely admit though, that after Jackson my favorite part in this movie was Kenan Thompson's Troy. I love how the entire last ten minutes becomes the Troy show and Jackson is relegated to amazing reaction shots and yelling truly classic lines like "TURN THIS BIG MUTHAFUCKA LEFT, TROY!" I seem to remember yelling that to a documentary camera at some point during this affair... perhaps not wise. It's no fair that they interview you after 14 hours of repeated movie watching.

The joke that made me laugh every one of the 11 times that I saw this: "my ass... my ass, man..." that just cracked me up. every time.

Every time it happened, the moment when Jackson shoots out the windows and the whole pressure drop sequence starts, I was really impressed with the sound mix. It was almost as if they'd deliberately slowly weened the mix down to just a simple score and Jackson's dialogue all in the fronts then hit you with this barrage of sensurround whirling goodness that sounds so deep and full that it really enveloped me, no matter where in the theater I sat.

My favorite death is probably the men's bathroom one... just because from the very beginning of the scene when the guy gets up, flashes his forearm tat, and tells a random woman that he'd be right back in a way that must've taken 8 weeks of sleaze lessons to perfect... from that very beginning moment I am chuckling... because his vanity is directly responsible for his death! If he'd been looking at where he was aiming "big boy" instead of checking out his eyebrows, he would've seen what was coming for him. Plus, he gets an amazing line (that I sorta fudged in my previous post because it was SO self-explanatory... but that's why i love it. there's no way to misunderstand "snake, get off my dick!" it's about as pure a line as the title of the film itself) and also one of the quickest deaths considering where he got bit. It's like, for this particular guy, the jugular is #1 and his cockvein is #2, then it's all the rest of the veins in his body. I believe he's dead before he even sits down... amidst the drowning grind of one last profanity at his rotten luck... ALL DUE TO HIM LOOKING AT HIS EYEBROWS! I love it.

My favorite snake kill has to be the HIYYAAA! judo chop from the homophobic piggyback kickboxer. that he actually says HIYYAAA!... has to go in some book somewhere.

As far as the audiences went... I'd put the premiere crowd at the top, followed by the last crowd, then the noon crowd with the awesome group that dressed up, then all the others meld together.

Seating-wise, I've cemented my dislike for the very front row, become somewhat more comfortable with the farther back rows (especially at South Lamar) but still prefer the row I've always preferred. Interesting, I know. This is why I hate blogs. Who is interested in my favorite row at the Alamo? Only two possible people: 1. an enemy doing research so he can start getting to the theater before me just to take my favorite seat, or 2. a stalker. And I mean the bad kind, not the good kind.


This movie was much better than I expected. And what's more, it's a really good choice to watch 11 times. When I first walked into this little experiment, I thought that it could be any movie. Now, I don't think that's true. Maybe it is, who knows... but this one had enough minute bits of odd and obscure dialogue to trip my tickle-meter no matter how many times I watch it. Like in Caddyshack... I don't care how many times I have to sit through the rest of it, whenever Bill Murray's on screen I laugh. I can watch that movie 11 times in a row... probably. I don't think watching... say... The English Patient 11 times would be quite as sustaining. So it's really good that the Alamo and Shannon chose to do this little endurance challenge with this particular movie.

It's still a very weird feeling though... like the last three shows were no problem at all. no problem. at all. I feel like I could've gone 6 more... it just didn't phase me one bit. You know what it was like? It was like listening to an album over and over again... and the album is pretty good but you have 3 or 4 clear favorite songs so you listen to the whole album but all the time while you are listening to each track you have a constant meter of how far away you are from the next song you REALLY love... so before you know it your 3 or 4 songs have played and you listen to the album again and it's the same thing. You enjoy it as it passes over you, you revel in your favorite tracks, and have no real problem putting it on repeat.

it's like a combination of that, and watching... you know how sometimes on DVDs they will put TV spots on there and it's one track but it's like 8 or 10 spots and they might start at 30 seconds and by the time they end they are like 5 seconds but they each give you the same general information. Well imagine that but instead of 5-30 seconds it's 2 hours.

So it's somewhere in between those two feelings. I would be willing to bet that once I go to sleep and wake up... hopefully tomorrow... I will not share this feeling at all. In fact, I won't be surprised if I never want to see Snakes on a Plane again. HOWEVER, the other hand is telling me that now that I have such an intimate relationship with this one movie... I will want to come back to it just to remmeber the event, which may very well be true.

[[well... I am not anti... although I don't think I will see it any more in the theater. I probably will pick up the DVD though.]]

I don't know about watching it 11 times in a row again. Again, this is something that would be absolutely impossible for me to do on my own. At home I have so many distractions on hand and feel like I have so much that I should be doing that I would just never be able to commit myself to it. In a theater though... especially the Alamo... i saw it really as an opportunity to experience this feeling that's still keeping me awake now.

That and I am totally in with all of the Alamo waiters and managers now. One guy actually thanked me when I was on my way out... and the cute really short waitress said see you soon. Sure in a place that you're not enamored with that might come off as creepy... but I have no problems with everyone there knowing my face. I kind of wish the late-night manager at the Wendy's across the street from me would forget who I am and stop giving me 10% discounts and free small frosties like I am a drug addict being kept on the hook... but Alamo people are alright.

To the 12 other people who were crazy, stupid, and/or bored enough to show up... it was good times. Not sure I am up for an encore next weekend... but give it... 10 years and we'll see.

And with that... I think an hour is all I'll dedicate to this long-winded wrapping-up of a long-winded marathon of repetitive viewing. I really don't know why I'm not collapsed on my keyboard inputing three thousand "h"s with my forehead until the text buffer runs out right now... it's actually kind of worrying me. God I can't wait to read this tomorrow.

[[it was fun.]]

I guess I could go on typing forever... but you know what? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I'VE HAD IT WITH THESE MUTHAFUCKIN SNAKES ON THIS MUTHAFUCKIN DAY!
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
It's dark out again I think. People love this movie. even though the whole premise becomes meaningless at the end once they take a helicopter trip out to the desert.

And that makes ten. Everyone else is all feeling good like they accomplished something. Wusses, all of em. I am like Spinal Tap, turning it up to 11 where everyone else only has 10. Bonus round coming up next! I am JAZZED!!!!

ok not 100% jazzed. I am feeling the burn. It's weird though... after maybe show... five, i got a serious vibe that I could maybe watch this movie forever. I am not bored when I watch it for some reason... even though by this time i can count the number of scenes between now and my next favorite part. Not tired at all... not thinking about sleep or my apartment or any of the... pretty much infinite things i could be doing right now instead of sitting in the back of the theater watching the 10:15 crowd filter in. this is gonna be great though. I will be able to see a packed house react to all the jumps... and then it will be over.

I actually loath the trailers much more than the actual movie. The thought of watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel trailer one more time makes me shed a single tear... so i guess I am a single tear away from victory. Victory from...

[[God i came to hate those trailers... Even Borat, which is hard to hate. Thankfully, Ginger the projectionist removed the trailers from the reel for our late-night private screenings so I only had to sit through them 6 times instead 11. Seriously, the vintage Airport 1975 trailer was great the first time but after a while it seems to go on for like an hour. The other trailers were, for the sake of record, Jet Li's Fearless, Borat, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, and Jackass 2.]]
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
9 down! Amazing! I am completely awake and feel like shushing the guy next to me so i can watch in peace. Who could've forseen this. I think the addition of new blood helps a lot... I always have the next big scare to look forward to seeing reactions on not to mention the 5 or 6 little group comments from us dirty dozen. No one else is staying for the 11th show though... pansies. So the next show is sold out. We will get a shout out apparently... gonna be our grande hurrah... as far as sitting in a darkened theater goes.

i'm sure there's more i could talk about with the actual movie... like how this song will probably be stuck in my goddamn head forever... but i have to pee. like bad.

[[I really did... but I had this thing that, while I missed most of the trailers once, I never actually walked out of the theater during the movie.]]
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
you know... sometimes i don't believe that the day has finally come and Snakes on a Plane is actually a physical movie playing in theaters... but then I watch it 8 times in a row and you better goddamn believe i know it's real.

Lars pointed out a great tidbit which is actually insight into the entire film. It's saturated in post-ironic irony... It's like not only do the filmmakers know that we take their irony as irony but they are aware that we know that their irony is ironic and want us to know that they know. From the beginning song throughout the entire movie... it's all like so ironic it's not even ironic anymore... it just is. If i was writing a master's thesis, that would be a whole chapter. Another chapter would be on how awesomely Sam jackson says the word "motherfucker."

oh, and that girl still does the stewardess instructions in the aisle... presumably for the single ticketholder's joy...

There's talk of joining in one solid row for the last show... a shining horizontal line of smelly sleep-deprived unity to go out with a bang... so I think the next show I'll rock the last row again... although funnily enough I had 0 fatigue this time around. Maybe i've crossed the hump and the next time it'll be even funnier. we'll see.

[[while we never did get to an official position on the one-row thing until before the last show for a Last Supper-esque tableau while Shannon delivered his final thoughts to the doc crew, we all ended up hanging out in more or less the same row for maybe three shows. The waiters finally got mad enough at us for taking a whole row and not ordering any food that they broke us up for the last show... seeded us in with hungry patrons so every waiter got paid.]]
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
Crashed abd burned on this one. Which showing was this anyway? 6? 7? They are completely blurring together now. Anyway, I dozed in and out for somewhere between 10 and 40 minutes... not really sure. The end always seems to pep me up though and hearing fresh laughter is... refreshing. We still did our little shout outs but I think people appreciated them... nothing annoying or anything that runs over good lines or anything like that.

oh man am i fried. Why the hell did i buy that extra ticket? Sitting through three more of these goddamn things is gonna be R-O-U-G-H. That 11th show will be a real test. a test of manhood. or hardcoreness... of snake-i-tude.

i need to walk around or something... get seen in all these local news interviews going on. We yelled Sam Jackson's signature line into a cellphone for G4... I'm sure that made riveting television.

ok bladder, i hear ya.

[[a group of people showed up in costume for this show. That was really great... it was three guys as pilots and two hot women as stewardesses... the steward outfits must've been halloween costumes because they were really revealing and slutty... not that I'm complaining.]]
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
ok this one got a bit rough. I was a bit drowsy there for a bit... but luckily a few choice lines and music swells brought me back to attention. It's pretty surprising how this movie gets along and goes along once it gets getting and goes going. It's also weird how even though I pretty much have this movie memorized, I'm not really liking it any less. Sure I only laugh at one place now... but I'm like the jaded comic who always says "that's funny" instead... I feel like a SoaP pro. Like... if I ever watch this movie with anyone ever again I will be a bonus to the viewing experience. I have so much to share... probably too much.

The breakfast tacos were like... heaven tacos. it's 11:30, you don't get more wit than that. Unless it involves snakes on a plane. or a few random DV shots that stand out like a sore thumb. Good goddamn do i hate this song, this music video, and everything associated with these three minutes right here. OK time to prep myself for those early bird noontime viewers. We'll try to quiet down for them and not ruin their virgin experiencces... although if its only like 2 people they will probably be pretty freaked out to watch it with us. At this point, I see myself making it all the way, I see myself maybe falling asleep maybe not, but I don't see how I'll feel after sitting through this movie 4 or 5 more times.

speaking of that... fuck it. i am buying that 10:15 ticket.
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
you know what sucks about snakes being on a plane? You can't shoot them. They're on a plane... so you can't shoot. you can't shoot snakes when they're on a plane. You can't shoot snakes on a plane!!! man, that sucks.

Anyway, it's like 9:15... I think one more show until the public gets to interact with our dazed and line-yelling asses. Several clear favorites have surfaced that everyone seems to like... except this goddamn music video oh my god I am only half way through this bitch and this was supposed to be the easy half!

This girl has also gotten up and done the whole flight attendant rap like 3 times now... it's kind of creepy but i hope she keeps doing it.

oh man...

[[she did indeed keep doing it. I'm not sure how many people watched her... because the scene in the movie is pretty funny... but she seemed to enjoy doing it every time and stuck with it even when she had to dodge waiters in sold-out houses. kudos!]]
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
it's like 7 AM... I'm sure it's light outside... it's time for an ode to Julianna Marguiles...

Dear Julianna,

I liked you on ER. You were a nurse.
You were hot on The Sopranos.
You are all woman.
Now you are fending off snakes at 35,000 feet.
And you totally grope that girl's boob at the end.


So let's see... either the popcorn or sitting in the front row was a mistake. Kind of noxious for like an hour... oh well. Breakfast tacos after the next show!

Also time to note that I like how they show the eyes hemorrage at one point. Two Michael Mann movies mention that but he never showed it.. black ball hemorrages. so it's cool to see.

There are some very charactery characters here... the ringleader guy Shannon made a very astute obseervation about the film's anti-sex tilt. Past the usual horror movie stuff and into symbolic territory when they use a life raft to seal off the spermy like snakes... at least i think that makes sense. ok next show!

[[as you probably imagine, the type of person who would do this sort of this is pretty odd. Everybody was very nice of course, and I'm proud to say we all made it through the ten shows... and about half of us were blogging in some way (either by laptop, borrowed laptop, or old fashioned pen & paper notebook). One woman actually owned a venoumous snake store and had just that day put a snake on a plane before coming to the screening. I'm sure she feels exactly how i feel when i see a movie about computers where they do stuff like hit the "enhance" button to make a zoomed-in pixelated image become clear... seems like in every area Hollywood almost never gets the details truly authentic. Another pair of guys made it through the night with a little help of Cap'n... Shannon the ringleader exuded a kind of manic energy, determined to stay awake for the whole thing. Of course he had to deal with interviews and whatnot between shows so he couldn't afford to be tired. I guess it was also his birthday or near so because some of his friends came out on the last show with a cake and a present (a snake and a plane). There were a few expert bloggers sitting near the power outlets tapping and clicking away, and a few other random groups, all drawn here by the sheer insanity of the idea.]]
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
so... three down... who knows how many to go. It's 5 AM... I've officially got a favorite line but first I have to share that the main guy in this movie is one horrible ass actor. however, Sam Jackson is absolutely awesome in this. Some of his line readings and looks are so classic... just great stuff. I also want to throw a shoutout to the ultra-green snake-o-vision used liberally throughout... it's so snakey.

[[actually, it really sucked and was horrible.]]

goddamn this music video. God, damn it to hell.

so here are some awesome lines from this movie. Caution, spoilers:

"Are you playin that video game or is that video game playin you!?"

"Bitch, get off my dick!"

"Sir, I assure you there's no strange smell."

"Outta tha way, gram-ma!"

"Get this fuckin snake off my ass!"

"my ass.... my ass, man..."

"It's got both."

"Oh baby, you'd be amazed what a man can do with one hand."

"But no, this broad needed one more tour of duty."

"Turn this big muthafucka left, Troy!"

and my ultimate favorite... at one point in the movie, the cabin lights go off... and somewhere deep in the mix some far-offscreen character yells "SNAKES!!!"


[[like that's the reason why the lights went off. Like at that point the poor guy is so used to snakes ruining his lovely day (as promised by the beginning song) that snakes are the reason for every bad thing that happens ever. Lights go out? Snakes! Weak economy? Snakes!! global warming? SNAKES!!!]]

So since we are lagging in time they are on ultra-repeat mode... like a a 2-minute lull between screenings... this time I was in the back row... next time it'll be front. It's pretty damn cool watching movies with like 13 other people in the theater. it's totally ours.

[[my thoughts on the whole seating thing. For the first show i was in the late-comers line so they let us into an already-full theater and i got like second row off to the right. I didn't feel too bad though because I knew i'd have ample opportunity to see it from my favorite seat all night. So the second viewing was from third row center... at which point I decided to maybe use this opportunity to experiment with where i sat and perhaps try a different seat every time. So the next show was the last row, then the first row... but the first row sucked so my little plan deteriorated into sitting wherever.]]

I'm not feeling any fatigue at all... but the thought of watching it again... well it's best not to think about it. See you in two hours.
08.18.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
Two down. It felt normal to me. I think this is the threshold of oblivion though. The place is pretty empty... it's 3AM... the documentary guys are asleep. already. this music video sucks. I have to say though that the movie was still enjoyable. It's so cobbled together. It's like a bucket full o' cliches mixed in with a few R-rated gore shots (which are pretty good by the way), some awesomely gratuitous boob shots, and some really really bad CG snakes. There are even like... hero shots of a few of the key snakes. Like they pretty much wink at the camera as they slither by.

An early highlight for me is Todd Luiso's portrayal of the "hardcore snake specialist" that has all the great expository dialogue about anti-venom and whatnot. oh man... caught up in band-of-brotherhood-building banter... more later.
08.17.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: Snakes on a Day
Snakes on a Day: Trapped in a theater for 24 hours watching Snakes on a Plane over and over again until either venom, fatigue, insanity, or the clock grants me exit. There will be 10 showings in this 24 hour period, and I will be allowed to leave the auditorium for bathroom and smoke breaks (if I smoked) but not much else. If i break down and leave early, I will somehow be forced to donate money to some snake charity. That is not an option.

Additionally, there is one more show Friday night after the 24 hours are officially up. If someone... myself let's say... chose to be even more hardcore than the rest of these fools I'm doing this with... he could buy a second ticket for that 10:15 show and sit through 11 screenings in a row. I'm going to make that determination somewhere around noon tomorrow.

So here are my self-imposed rules. I'll only fire up the laptop to make journal entries after every show... unless my battery dies or explodes on me (it is a Dell). No cellphone contact, no IM contact, no web contact (other than my own site), and no email. This will be as pure of a documentation of my deteriorating mindset as I can possibly make it... tune in roughly every two hours if you want to follow along.

Why do this? Well... why not? Truthfully, the movie itself isn't the draw. I think it's gonna suck. It's listed as 111 minutes long... which is a long ass time for a movie called Snakes on a Plane to go on. But it could really be any movie. Some of my all-time favorite movies I haven't seen 11 times, much less in a row. So this opportunity, to sit through the same movie that many times in a theater where distractions are not allowed is pretty unique. I'm thinking of this as a personal experiment. I know what kind of feeling comes after an all-night marathon, and even after a 24 hour marathon like BNAT, but this is different. After the first showing, it'll be a movie i've seen before over and over with no end in sight. The only change will be rotating single-ticket viewers who get to watch it for the first time while I'm already in hell. What will it do to me? will it be torture? will i fall asleep for like 8 hours and wake up every 20 minutes to nightmares about snakes in a theater? I honestly have no clue. let's find out!

[[It's now aturday evening. I managed to sleep for 12 hours and am now going back through this to fix the typos due to unfamiliar laptop keyboard in the dark rather than fatigue (i think I have a clue how to differentiate the two)... but I'm sure as I go along the way I'll remember more to add so any paragraphs bracketed like this one represent morning insight and are not realtime]]

First viewing... getting set up and whatnot... more later! the movie's better than I thought it'd be though...

sweet... free chips and popcorn and soda all night.

man those snakes... they are so wiley... ok more in a bit as us hardcore all nighters settle in...

OK a bit more... it's a lot better than i thought it'd be! there's maybe 12 or 13 people here for the whole thing. I just signed the release... that makes it official. I am officially here forever. QT and the whole Death Proof crew was here for the show... made everyone all ooohy and ahhy. The crowd was fantastic... two sold out audiences having fun. I was definitely waiting for that line... that lovely muthafuckin line. but in the back of my head I knew all the people sitting around me were way less hardcore than i am. Although... there is a music video over the end credits... I know; i just KNOW that i will hate every frame and note of that goddamn video by the end. but until then, hey let's enjoy the ride.

[[Because we had valuable few minutes of silence between shows in which to actually talk to one another, walk around, generally exist... I ended up making pretty much every one of these entries while the end credits played. This means that while I wrote every one of these, this music video that plays with the end credits was going on. That accounts for the number of times that I mention this song/video... and probably is also responsible for the amount of profanity going on]]

so now we are in a smaller theater... last call for the kitchen for the night... there will be like 2 alamo people here all night so we get free reign over the kitchen. I expect to talk more about the film as the night goes on... for now let's just record the fact that the first screening was a blast and i had tons of fun and the crowd was great and the muthafuckin snakes were on the muthafuckin plane.