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Title:   When the Screaming Stops
Director:   Amando do Ossorio
Year:   1974
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.24.06

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- Demon Witch Child

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
08.24.06Terror Thursday Terror Thursday tonight at South Lamar to switch it up... I haven't seen the Blind Dead movies that this director is mostly known for but I have seen Demon Witch Child so i did have some sort of... not so much a warning, more like an expectation... in what i was walking into. The movie's another telling of the lorelei story from The Nibelungen, except with boarding school chicks and a mega stud hunter guy that likes tight pants. The first half is pretty damn funny what with the horrible dubbing and bikini-clad women and whatnot... but the second half drags a bit as we realize that we're not going to get as much gore or nudity as we really want. Yes I say we. I'm fairly confident that I can speak for the crowd here...

The main girl though... man is she hot. Well actually none of the women in this are bad looking... and they are all in that natural 70s way where they aren't emaciated and bony... and that isn't code for fat either... just like, real. some of their breasts aren't as big as seems necessary now, some have pretty wide hips, etc. But they are all pretty... the main woman though... wowza. she's got one of those perfect faces that you just can't stop looking at... but have to force yourself eventually because her body looks good too. These big almond brown eyes... really striking. I guess the woman that plays Lorelei is supposed to be the big star and the hottest... and she is hot as well, but not like the professor woman... oh man. Spain makes em right.

There's a few absurd things going on in this movie... but it's mostly the general feel of it that made me chuckle... I was ready for it to end at the 80 minute mark though. All in all it had its moments and with a woman that beautiful up on the screen i really can't complain.
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