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Title:   The Big Lebowski
Director:   Joel Coen
Year:   1998
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   11.05.07

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- The Tragedy of Macbeth
- True Grit

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.05.07DVD I just read this book I'm A Lebowski You're A Lebowski which, while it wasn't nearly as interesting and comprehensive as the other book published on the film, was a fun read containing interviews from character inspirations and most of the actors including the Ralph's check-out girl and Little Larry Sellars. Reading it put me in a mood to watch it again.

What a great movie. Just perfect.
08.25.06DVD So I've seen a thousand movies since starting this site... I figured for the occasion I'd throw caution to the wind and watch one of my all-time favorite movies. I remember seeing this in the theater when it first came out - it only played one place which was way outside Rochester, a group of 4 or 5 of us drove out there to catch it - but I'm not exactly sure when I really started to love it. Somewhere down the line I did though because I think I can watch this movie pretty much whenever. This is now one of my litmus test movies to make sure I'm hanging out with the right people. I made my parents watch this. It's really a modern classic that exists in a perfect universe. Every facet of this movie is right... The dream sequences are perhaps the best dream sequences put to film since Spellbound... it's fun to find every aspect of that second dream in earlier parts of the film, like the giant painting of sissors in Maude's flat to the checkered tile floor of The Big Lebowski's mansion and whatnot... and in the first one you can actually see The Dude's reflection in the bowling ball right before he gets stuck in the finger hole.

I could really go on forever about this movie. There's a great book that talks about every aspect of it, complete with interviews from everyone (including Mary Zophres the costume designer and Rick Heinrichs the production designer) to shot-by-shot explanations of the dream sequence to ideas, inspirations, and practical obstacles during photography... I wish there was a book like that for every Coens movie... but of them all I have to say that this one is my favorite. I never really find myself fashioning my life like H.I. from Raising Arizona or Marge from Fargo... I do try to live my life like The Dude though... every day.

So since I'm breaking quad digits here, I'll indulge a bit and talk about the site itself. I still kind of insist that it's not a blog, even though I guess it is... I just hate that word, and to me the word "log" means a list of files included in a zipfile or a record of financial transactions... the "Captain's log" is really the only thing I can think of that comes close to what blogs have turned into... I still much prefer Journal or even Diary though because that's what they are... people talking about their own lives. I'll say though that this is the longest I've gone with any sort of journal, diary, or log or any web project at all for that matter... In that regard I'd consider this a success... I think years and years from now when I look back and see when, where, and what I thought about a movie the first or second time I saw it i'll be glad. I'm not sure if i'll make it 17 years like Peter Bogdanovich did, but I guarantee this is way less cumbersome than a closet full of notecards.

This site has also grown a lot more featured than I thought it would. When i first wrote it, I pretty much made a copy of the code and made that a journal for every book I read ( It takes me much much longer to read a book than to watch a movie so I don't spend nearly as much time on there as I do here... so because of that I never touched the code to that site since starting it... never even fixed that bug with displaying by most recent date... but at this point it makes a good comparison to see how this has grown... maybe not so much on the public side but definitely the admin stuff... and I just thought of another thing to add when I get around to it (along with fixing that pesky event date bug). ANYWAY, point is this had grown over the past 1000 movies and I spend way too much time looking at it. I have no hopes that it'll someday become heavily traffic'd and popular or anything like that... but I have to say I really get a kick out of it...

Lastly, I really thought my viewing habits would be different. When I first started this, I thought by the time I did a full year I'd be seeing movies 3, 4 times no problem. As of now there are only 4 that i've seen more than twice... That's really surprising to me. But I think that's because ever since last September (QT6 to be exact), I've been getting into a much different area of film that's completely new to me. I think it's pretty cool that I have a complete record of that, and a complete record since I've moved to Austin as well, not to mention a complete record of every movie downloaded from the internet. This time, much like when I first got into film noir or when I first got into Hitchcock, represents lots and lots of new movies for me... so I guess that accounts for a lack of repeat viewings.

So now it's back to seeing whatever. Maybe for my three thousandth I'll pick another special movie... or as Micah suggested for my thousandth new movie (still at 947 unique titles)... but until then it's more movies!

1000 movies watched in 655 days, averaging 1.53/day. As many movies seen made in 2005 as in all of the 70s (172), 433 in the 2000s, 79 in the 90s, 127 in the 80s, 73, 29, 22, 6, and 6 rounding out the decades. Snakes on a Plane seen 11 times, Sin City 4, Danger Diabolik 3, 40 Year-Old Virgin 3. 8 Werner Herzog movies seen 8 times, 6 Coen brothers seen 8 times, 6 Spielbergs 7 times, 6 Blake edwards 6 times, and 5 Linklater films seen 7 times. 95 horror movies, 92 documentaries, 88 dramas, 79 comedies, 46 crime movies. 192 seen through netflix, 139 at Alamo downtown, 103 on DVD, 91 on DVR, and 73 at Alamo South lamar. 10 events on the books, the biggest being SXSW 2005 with 34 movies, followed by QT6 with 29 and Best of QT Fest with 20. Aren't stats fun?
05.05.05Rolling Roadshow What is there to say. This movie is one of the great ones...

I saw this outside the Dart Bowl as an Alamo Rolling Roadhouse event. It came with a free game of bowling and a free white russian. how cool is that?
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