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Title:   Napoleon Dynamite
Director:   Jared Hess
Year:   2004
Genre:   Cult
Times Seen:   4
Last Seen:   05.05.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.05.07Alamo Downtown I saw this again because it was at the Alamo and I don't think I ever got to see it in a theater and John "Uncle Rico" was there in attendance. I don't really know where the backlash came from this movie. Like, by the time I saw it it had already gone from really cool to too mainstream for the cool kids to oversaturated. I still think it's funny in its own way. I like that it's its own hermetic world out of time nestled up there in Idaho and it's not self-aware or satirical of anything... it's just odd and funny. THe same goes for the plot. it's really rambling and slice-of-life-y but it's a slice of a life that's really strange. I dunno, I still really like this movie.

Gries was awesome. He was funny and easygoing and wore a Chuy's hat and said he ate at Salt Lick yesterday and liked it (debunking all those nasty vegetarian rumors). Someone asked him about it and he was like "did you see that steak? I would've rather eaten Tina's ham!" so there you go, all you people who got here by googling "john gries vegetarian." He had several amusing little anecdotes about the production including a screening in Prescott or whatever town they filmed it at where nobody laughed but everyone liked it, thinking it was how life was. He also said Jared Hess' description of Uncle Rico was like meets David Hasslehoff meets Burt Reynolds meets Elvis.

Out in the lobby beforehand, Karrie was taking glamour shots of people with a football and Zack had a plate of steaks for people to throw meat at a big poster of a target with Napoleon's head in the center. They also had "Vote for Pedro" T-shirts for sale. They also had tater tots on the menu. General fun times that the Alamo provides.
02.26.07DVD A couple factors led me to want to see this again. It's a movie I completely understand why some people don't like it but for whatever reason I love it. Even though I think they're supposed to be in highschool, this feels like such a middle school movie to me. like it was made by middle schoolers as well as being about middle school. Just so fun.
04.18.05DVD This movie is still funny to me. I think it will grow to be a good comfort food. Trapper asked me after he saw it who the woman was that biked up to Uncle Rico's van at the end. I thought it was Trisha's mom at the time but he said it wasn't and now I know it wasn't. I figured out who it was though, and it's pretty sweet: his soul mate!
01.22.05DVD I understand that this is not a movie everyone gets, and I understand that the film doesn't solve any crimes or address pertinent social issues, but it sure is fun. I love Pablo Ferro's title design. Yeah, it's sort of an updates Revenge of the Nerds (minus the revenge part) right down to the Poindexter haircut... but there is charm here that's original and endearing. Oh, and Kip's song at the very end after the credits is classic.