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Title:   We're No Angels
Director:   Michael Curtiz
Year:   1955
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.02.06

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09.02.06Netflix I actually like the late 80s We're No Angels with DeNiro and Sean Penn (and John C. Reilly) a lot... but I never knew it was a remake so when I found out I added the original to my netflix queue. Like 8 months later, here it is. Instead of DeNiro and Penn we get Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov playing the escaped convicts trying to get across the border to freedom, except it's Devil's Island instead of whatever northern border town it was in the 80s... and it's getting on a boat to paris instead of crossing the bridge into Canada... and they con their way into fixing a roof instead of being priests... so it's really a pretty loose remake, which is good.

This plays VERY much like a mid-50s technicolor comedy. Even though they are supposed to be crook,s murderers, and rapists, the three guys kind of yuk along, all good chaps, really. Ustinov's accent helps a lot. And even though Aldo Ray keeps carrying around this pet viper that they unleashed to kill a guard and exact their escape, it's treated like a puppy dog... a killer puppy dog. So they fix this store's roof thining they will later steal the store blind... but the store owner and his family are nice so they help them out instead. And then at the end they decide to go back to prison. And as they walk away halos appear over their heads. Even one for the snake.

This isn't a very good movie. I can't help but think most of these jokey lines about them killing people and forging wills and laughing when one pompous jerk gets bitten was a bit much for 50s audiences... Plus the sets and staging and everything... I dunno, I pretty much just sat through it. Remake's better!