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Title:   Superman Returns
Director:   Bryan Singer
Year:   2006
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   09.10.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
09.10.06Bullock IMAX My parents and I played the tourist Sunday... we were at the museum anyway and decided to watch this in IMAX with a few 3d Scenes because they hadn't seen it. Truth be told I wasn't that excited and kind of dozed a little bit (damn old people and their morning schedules)... it kind of re-affirmed what I had grown to think of the film since initial viewing. Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey were good... the beginning titles sequence was awesome (and should've been in 3D... unlike other much less obvious scenes that they chose)... but the movie is kind of overlong, especially after the climax... and it also has a bunch of stuff that feels like it's only there because Bryan Singer wanted to do that scene (I'm thinking about the semi-origin flashback). and the whole devious plot is kinda uninteresting for me, although the CG was good. So... it's still Superman... nancy boy do-gooder type... But I saw it big with a few minutes in good 3D so that's cool.
06.28.06Alamo South Lamar Ok... So I really wasn't looking forward to this too much. I never really liked the first series of films and never read the comic and found Superman to be kind of a dork anyway because he was all-powerful so basically his problems were all either nancy-boy like pride and resenting the fact that we always cause huge global disasters or they were something dealing with some color of kryptonite which turned him into even more of a nancy-boy because they he got hurt too.

That said, when the beginning credits started in this movie, I completely geeked out.

I think it's pretty good. Certainly exceeded my expectations (I thought it would be somewhere on par with the first X-Men movie, which I liked ok but had several pretty huge problems with it)... yeah I still have a few minor gripes but for a Superman movie I think you could certainly do a lot worse.

So... it's too long. And I still think the leads are too young and the superman boyshorts are... well... gay. And still, since it's Superman the threat has to be global huge and become completely unbelievable and leave me awash in small questions like what happened to the other crystals or why would what he did almost kill him when he could've just dug a little deeper and gotten some un-krypto'd rock to stick his face in. But whatever... Admittedly, those are pretty small gripes for a movie this big (and long), and I have to say that Kevin Spacey knocked it out of the park. His "BILLIONS!" line in the trailer didn't impress me but I love him in this movie... I completely buy that he's kind of evil but also practical and sensible, like when he backs away from the model train set and is the first to realize that staying on his boat is a mistake. Parker Posey... well... hams it up a little bit, but that's ok because it just makes Spacey's deadpan all the better.

Plus there's nothing like a cannibal joke in a PG-13 movie.

So... yeah. It's a comic book movie... and it's an uber melodramatic two-and-a-half-hour comic book movie, but it's done well, looks spectacular, and doesn't grate my nerves with lines like "you know what happens when a toad is struck by lightning? the same thing that happens to everyone else." ugh.
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