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Title:   The Lost Boys
Director:   Joel Schumacher
Year:   1987
Genre:   Vampire
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   09.10.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
09.10.06DVD We couldn't figure out what to do Sunday night after dinner so they picked one of my DVDs and we watched this... heh heh heh. No matter what the sinus boys have to say, I still like this movie. The Jason Patric/Jim Morrison thing is pretty damn overt though... how could I have gone all through my impressionable teen years without picking up on that?
10.15.05Alamo Downtown My first Sinus Show. Mr. Sinus (say it fast) is Austin's answer to MST3K done live by three goofballs who sit in the front row of the Alamo with microphones and watch the movie with you. The shows routinely sell out and they cover a different movie every month. It's sort of taking the mash-up of restaurant and theater that the Alamo already is and mashing it up further with a comedy club. It's funny because completely different audiences show up for the different events that the Alamo holds. Weird wednesdays, music mondays, alex jones documentaries, buffy sing-a-longs, and sinus all seem to have mutually exclusive audiences for the most part. No wonder none of the wait staff remembers my name. YET.

Anyway, these three guys (one a subby standing in for the third who just had a baby) are pretty funny and lay on their jokes filled with local references, profanity, and brand names: all stuff you never saw on MST3K. Their jokes are hit and miss... it was a good time though.

At one point they stopped the movie and started re-enacting the bathtub scene... it ends up with one of the dudes getting out of the tub with a garlic-adorned jockstrap to face another guy sort of dressed up to look like Keifer Sutherland. Unfortunately, Corey Haim's nut is totally hanging out of the jock and the garlic ain't doing too good of a job of covering it up. A brazilian joke is thrown out and the third guy hops up as the greasy saxophone rock star from the beginning of the movie to save the day with his aggro sax rock. then the movie started up again.

All in all it was a pretty fun crazy time. They also had a drinking game going that would get you pretty buzzed by the end. It strikes me as having the same effect as MST3K: some people just go crazy for it and show up religiously while others (like me) are more apt to be casual fans. It's a good time.
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