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Title:   The Thirsty Dead
Director:   Trey Becker
Year:   1974
Genre:   Cult
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.14.06

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09.14.06Weird Wednesday welp... i guess the only notable thing going for this movie is how well it adheres to the stereotypes of really bad movies. Everything about it was... pretty horrible. Yeah, in a so-bad-its-good type way sure... but still. I actually don't think I need to explain anything about it... you already know... it's just bad. But for the sake of my memory in a week or two (because I know this one will leave my memory banks in a hurry):

Um.. these girls are kidnapped by these dudes... it takes place in Manilla but then not really. So they take the girls to this mountain with a huge papier-mache cave system (with doors) in it where this group of... either vampires or aliens, mixes the blood of young-ish girls with some secret herbs and spices and drinks it to live forever (hence the title... sort of). They all wear pastel-colored robes and tunics... looking like a 50s sci-fi cast stuck in a 70s horror movie... and there must've been some bet going for who can give the worst performance because they were sure trying hard. So these people have this head in a red ice cube... that tells them things sometimes... and the girls escape and one of the guys helps them but leaves the circle of age and gets really old in 6 dissolves. A snake appears wrapped around one of the girls' ankles in one scene... that was probably my favorite moment because the actress was all like "help! help!" and then she stopped pushing air and just kept mouthing the word over and over again while the rest of them stood around and the leader girl told her to stay still. That's pretty much it.
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