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Title:   Kansas City Bomber
Director:   Jerrold Freedman
Year:   1972
Genre:   Sports
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.17.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.17.06Alamo Downtown QT Roller Derby night... I've done the unforgivable and waited too long to make this note. All the details are gone... but anyway, I was sad to hear that QT's wrapped his film and showed Jackass 2 as probably the last austin crew screening... so no more secret fun for me. Tonight though, he's here with a shitload of rollergirls (and their crazy-ass fans) to show a double feature of roller derby movies as an excuse to meet the hot ones. When he hopped up on stage he yelled out a roll call of all the local league's teams, thus establishing that he's down. Whenever I looked back though at the ultra-rowdy boot-stomping crowd, it always seemed like it was random tattooed guys who were screaming their heads off. I'm sure the actual gals were getting into it too... i just couldn't see them through the assult of drunken dudes.

So... this movie has Raquel Welch in it... and she's really hot. I'm tempted to just end this note here and now with that... because in essence that's why I watched the movie, just about all I cared about during the movie, and pretty much all i thought about in every scene of the movie. Sure it has people in it and stuff happens but... Raquel Welch is hot. As Lars said afterward though, the movie kind of does have her thumb print all over it... like the other woman who's supposed to be just as hot that Welch is supposed to clash with during the movie is... not hot. What's funny is she probably is pretty attractive, but in a completely different way than Raquel, and her character had to be drunk and not wearing any make-up in every scene just to accentuate how hot Raquel is.

What's also funny is that QT mentioned how Kevin McCarthy was Monty Clift's one true love... now, whoever knows Kevin McCarthy... maybe from Inner Space or the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers, can quickly call up his image and say "really?" I guess so... different strokes for different folks, as QT said. I bring this up and call it funny though because there's a scene in the movie where Raquel's character inexplicably enters into a torrid affair with McCarthy's seedy roller derby manager character, and QT said it's ok to heckle this scene because it was just so wrong. Heckling aside (which I'll get into in a sec), the scene is hilarious because, looking closely, Raquel is like 100% open mouth tongue-wagging shudders-of-passion into it and McCarthy is like a cold fish. I mean, i literally think Raquels lips surrounded all of McCarthy's lower face, and he's just pursing his lips like he's kissing his grandmother. It made me laugh.

unfortunately, everyone else took that scene as a queue to start dinner conversation, improv comedy, and loudest whistling contests. It got pretty out of hand, which is a shame because they were stepping on some pretty classic lines (i remember one being something like, Raquel asks McCarthy if he loves her and McCarthy tells her "as much as someone like me can, sure."

So, for a movie that as it was only really had me due to Raquel's hotness, the rabbling and rousing didn't help. Still, there were a FEW things I did like about this movie... One scene takes place while the tour bus is broken down... but it's broken down on train tracks. Maybe if they didn't drive on train tracks they wouldn't break down. Anyway, in that scene, Raquel beats the motherlovin crap out of the other "hot" girl... but that's really the only time in the entire movie that Raquel's supposedly-top skater character succeeds in any way. Every time we see her, she's either getting beaten in the ring, beaten out of the ring, or beaten by life in general (like having her son refuse to talk to her and run away from her when she tries to touch him). For being the league's top skater she sure does suck. I guess all the scenes where she kicks ass happen off-screen and we're just supposed to accept that she's a good roller derby-er but we sure as hell never see it. Between her and her incredibly mannish wig-wearing stunt double, she takes punishment pretty much all throughout the movie.

She also doesn't seem to particularly want to be there. Even though she abandons her kids and rejects the offer for a dependable job and gentleman suitor waiting for her on the homefront, she doesn't appear to have any real roller derby ambitions of any kind, and the end of the film is actually about her NOT taking a promotion. If she wasn't so damned hot all of that would probabably have an effect.
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