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Title:   Ginger
Director:   Don Schain
Year:   1971
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.20.06

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09.20.06Weird Wednesday so... this movie is pretty horrible. But it's a classic example of being bad in pretty much every way but ending up a really great time just because it's so laughable. EVERYTHING about this movie is funny. It probably won't sound funny here, but trust me it was pretty hilarious tonight at the theater.

For starters, there are some awesome credits in the beginning. The car dealership where they got the cars is credited, the super special optical effects are credited, and there's even a guy credited as "trouble shooter." Can't beat that with a stick.

The movie... I guess it's like a female undercover cop/spy movie but really it's more similar to Coffy except with a white girl. She has to infiltrate a band of Brighton Beach rich kids who are up to no good... it's great though because every actor is terrible... the private dick guy has an amazing long island accent and spinal curvature... every "hot" girl has like a facial scar or something... the main bad guy is hilarious and a near exact replica of the one Alamo waiter at South Lamar that I hate. That dude talks more than my parents did when I got a D in social studies in 9th grade. just drop my check and move on dude! You need to learn the Suni hand signal or something...

anyways... there's this black guy in the movie that's obsessed with white ass. And it's great because pretty much every other shot through the entire film is a really jarring and uncomfortably long POV shot with these people acting badly right into your face. Some of their eyebrows alone deserve awards of some kind. And the waiter-guy's leather choker...

And then there's the nudity. I think this is the first movie I've seen where the main girl strips down to nakedness as a form of punishment. It was really funny to see her pull down her panties to some you-would-think nice full-frontal action and have the entire audience sigh in a soft gurgle of disgust. The main girl was blond and very skinny but that's about it... when she takes off those midriff shirts and tight pants... well, let's just say the mystery was better. But she strips like 4 times in a row at the end of the movie... oh that's another thing. Every shot in this movie goes on roughly three minutes too long. Seriously. Ask anyone else who saw it and they'll agree.

So you add all of that, plus tons of other stuff that I'm forgetting, together and get this movie... Ginger... capable of planning intricate plans for two whole days and plagued with random flashbacks to guys we have no clue about...

I think my favorite device of the film utilized some of the aforementioned credited special optical effects. At one point, the waiter/bad guy yells into camera "There's a lot going on tonight and I want it ALL to happen!" Then we see a shot of the city at night... and these four white dots appear as if to make a picture of the big dipper or something. But then one of the dots blows up to full-frame and we see some scene going on... it goes on too long and then unexpectedly shrinks back down to one of the dots overlayed in the city. I tell ya, by that fourth dot it was pretty hilarious. I started wanting the whole movie to be seen through that framework... like have 18 dots pop up at the beginning of the movie and keep coming back to it... like that movie The Falling Man!

So a fun time. I'm pretty sure I'd never make it through on my own... but with a little help from 200 other people it became a really great time.

So tomorrow FantasticFest starts... crazy. I've made up a pretty full schedule so we'll see how I do.
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