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Title:   The Last Supper
Director:   Osamu Fukutani
Year:   2005
Genre:   Cannibal
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.21.06

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09.21.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2006
So after Chainsaw I was in a cannibal mood and decided to double up on my Asian horror tonight (I am actually not an uber Asian horror fan... throughout the rest of the fest I think I am keeping it to a limit of one per day) and see this movie about a plastic surgeon who likes to eat human flesh.

This is like the flipside of the Chainsaw cannibalism. It's all high brown and white collar, it's presented like haute cuisine like this guy could have Hannibal Lector over for a dinner party and talk about the palate or whatever... and it's also all about the cannibalism rather than being a gorefest with the whole eating people thing just another detail to creep you out. Here, it's front and center.

And what I thought was funny... and I guess it's actually common to the entire genre so I always think it's funny, is that human flesh apparently tastes really really great. Like this guy is kind of a nerd... he starts eating humans and BAM! he becomes this ultra-sexy, ultra-successfull guy that people call God. Unsuspecting ingestors are wow'd by the taste... it's the best meat they've ever had! Yet they aren't creeped out when he says it's "secret meat that only he has." How many times does the average person hear that? If i was in a diner and had a good sausage and asked what it was... if I didn't hear like, Jimmy Dean, or Garlic-stuffed Pork or something... I'd be pretty suspicious. Especially if it was just some filet... there are only so many kinds of meat... that list is pretty short. Beef? no. Pork? no. ... Venison? no. ok now I'm worried. Maybe it's like a movie-universe thing where people in pre-postmodern movies aren't aware that movies exist... so like people in cannibal movies don't really have cannibalism on their mind. Or maybe I'm just a weirdo who is quick to suspect cannibalism wherever I can... All I know is if something told me it was "secret meat" I'd be suspecting the worst.

Anyway, this had a funny Scottish short, also cannibalism-themed, before it that was a pretty good lead-in. The first half hour or so of this movie is pretty great. There's a scene where he takes liposuction fat and cooks it up and eats it that totally turned my stomach... him saying how it was treated with saline and anesthetic so it tasted all salty and medicinal but he ate it anyway... and there's this whole sexual side to it where he had to stop eating beef and pork because he didn't like the thought of fucking a cow or pig. The actual body part-type gore gore was pretty sub-par though... especially after the KNB-level stuff going on in Chainsaw...

The biggest plague of this movie though wasn't the fakey body parts. It was the music. The score for this movie is absolutely horrible, and it's laid over the entire movie. It really makes the movie feel twice as long... it actively hurts it. The movie's last hour gets a little sluggish as it is, so with the really bad music it becomes pretty unentertaining, which is a shame because I really liked the first half hour. Some stuff toward the end was good too (he actually uses a decapitated head as a weapon, beating someone's brains in with a woman's head), but it gets uneven and a little contrite.

Still though, I probably enjoyed this movie most of the night... It made me hungry for human flesh so I could steal their sense memories and become sexier.
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