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Title:   Northville Cemetery Massacre
Director:   William Dear, Thomas L. Dyke
Year:   1976
Genre:   Biker
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.25.06

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09.25.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2006
Unfortunately, after three pleasant surprises that made the entire day fly by, a vintage biker film from the 70s... well I was looking forward to it and I liked it, but after the three previous it seemed a little long. Under previous titles Freedom, R.I.P. and Wheels of Death, Northville Cemetery Massacre is about a detroit motorcycle club that gets framed for raping and beating this girl so a psycho cop (who actually did the raping and beating) enlists an outraged father and a maniacal hunter to kill them all. Aside from a woman saying a great line (when asked if she wanted some pot, "no thanks, I heard it makes you wanna rape and kill"), my favorite scene was when the hunter explained his reasoning for being ok with killing bikers, explaining that like any good hunter, he's also an ecologist... and he sees this as protecting the herd, since bikers are born scum anyway. He delivers it straight and it's hilarious... but bad news for the bikers who proceed to explode in firecracker-triggered squibs of real blood from slaughterhouses and leftover hamburger. Half the fun of this movie was hearing the director talk about it before and after it played. He was filled to the brim with stories... I think he was just so excited that anyone would want to show this movie (and all 26 of us that showed up instead of seeing Severance) that he wanted to get every single story out of his head. Some were entertaining, like how the actor in the lead part had to be dubbed so he managed to hire a really young Nick Nolte to dub the whole part for $150 (if you can call like 3 scenes with dialogue the lead part), or how he got ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith to add a funky/good ol' boy score or how he managed to get the biker club to be in it and further troubles that came when the movie didn't make any money.

I particularly liked the end... the bikers, well.. i'll just say it's not a shamshing success for the bikers... and since it isn't it kind of takes on this completely different message about America and freedom and where we're going... Sure the very very end is pretty obtuse and confusing, but just before that during the titular massacre it's just different from a lot of other biker movies to seem to want to say something.

but still, right after the host? come on... it was good and I'm happy I saw it but it couldn't compare to the rest of the day's films.
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