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Title:   The Woods
Director:   Lucky McKee
Year:   2006
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.26.06

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09.26.06Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2006
Next up was a real curiosity. I'd heard The Woods sucked but then was good again but was going to be on a shelf forever but then was going to be released but then not... Regardless of the quality though, Bruce Campbell and Patricia Clarkson in a Lucky McKee movie? hells yeah! Also, this gets extra points for making Shyamalan change the title of the movie he was shooting at the time to The Village (yep, this was shot that long ago).

So now that we've finally gotten to see the movie?

Well it certainly doesn't suck. I liked it well enough. I think I was expecting it to swing pretty far one way or the other though so for it to just be a decent creepy movie kind of threw me for a loop.

It's about a girl who gets sent to this boarding school where the teachers are odd, and it's surrounded by spooky woods. In the Q&A afterward two people asked about an Argento influence... so I guess anyone that's seen Suspiria is prone to think that. And it IS reminiscent of Suspiria for sure. I thought it of as Suspiria meets The Guardian with a teaspoon of Carrie thrown in the mix.

At one point though... Bruce Campbell picks up an axe. The house liked that a lot. Especially because his role in this is pretty toned down for the most part, playing a repressed mid-60s dad.

So yeah... it was decent. Certainly not bad. I think I like May more, but there's really no reason why this shouldn't be on screens... Trees get away with too much shit nowadays... all the hippies hugging them and whatnot, people need to get re-afraid of trees... it's been a while since Evil Dead.
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