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Title:   The Swinging Co-eds
Director:   Walter Boos
Year:   1972
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.27.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.27.06Weird Wednesday Yay for 70s German sexploitation comedies where really hot women are constantly bushy nude for very ugly men. I'll never forget watching 2069 A Sex Odyssey on cinemax Friday after dark and loving it... thus cementing my fondness for lederhosen, oktoberfest, fauleins and madchens, and those cool tops that the German 70s women wore that pushed out and accentuated the boobies.

This one is one of those omnibus case study type movies where you basically get a girl, see her get into crazy kooky sexual situations, have sex, and that's the end of her story. Repeat. I remember seeing another cinemax movie like this except the connective tissue was a pack of cigarettes... and this pack of cigarettes went around the world over the course of the movie and ended up with the original owner at the end. What's funny is I bet that's not just the plotline of one movie but the basis for a whole subgenre or European softcore films in the 70s into early 80s. Gotta love em. Back when the women were actually very beautiful and their bodies were naturally perfect instead of chiseled or enhanced or airbrushed or tanning bed'd or everything else the spice channel girls do nowadays. For some reason, ogling the breasts on the women in a movie like this seems healthier and cleaner than staring at those of today... like breathing clean mountain air instead of smoggy soup. Yeah I know that's weird, it makes sense to me though.

This movie was a good time. The women were hot, the guys were funny, the enjoyment cheap and taudry, and there was a lederhosen guy toward the end which was awesome. Oh, Christina Lindberg was also one of the case studies in this... jesus her body is pretty much perfect. If only she didn't have a baloon-sized Swedish head... everything else is just... wow.

Yeah the funniest part of this movie for me was the dubbing in a vain attempt to make it sound ultra-American... setting some of the stories in places like Miami or Boston even though you can see a street sign that says "siegfriedstr." and giving the women absolutely horrible southern accents. It's also funny because they chose to supply voice-over narration over some scenes, presumably because it was easier than trying to make up some scene in english which fit with the has-to-be-completely-different English storyline instead of whatever the movie was about in original German. It's actually pretty blatant how much the storylines of the movie are changed for American release just with the dubbed audio... pretty funny actually.

I also found it funny that I was relieved and comforted by the pretty bad shape of the print. Maybe it's a rejection of all the DV-shot DVD-projected indie films or the pristine new festival film prints I've been seeing lately but it was really good to see some faded color and tons of scratches over luscious natural 70s beauties tonight. good times.
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