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Title:   Jackass Number Two
Director:   Jeff Tremaine
Year:   2006
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.03.06

Other Movies Seen By This Director (3)
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- Jackass Forever
- Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.03.06Cinemark Pflugerville Finally saw this after spending all of Fantastic Fest being the guy in the group who has to cover his ears... maybe it was seeing it in a theater only holding 5 other people, or maybe it was the picture going out a half hour in and having to wait 30 minutes for the theater to fix it (after showing a few minutes of the film with sound only), or maybe it was the overhype... but I dunno. I thought this one was just barely better than the first (which I laughed at several times when I saw it in the theater and haven't had any urge to see since). A few gags were creative, and I couldn't help but laugh at a few places when nuts were punched or kicked... but it ultimately left me with a hollow feeling I get a lot with TV shows turned movies: is this it? I laughed a lot harder at Borat's funniest moments.

I'd hate to be accused of hating comedy though. I want to stress that I enjoyed myself... it was just that I had higher hopes. And I never get how they just throw away celebrity bits... I think I saw Mike Judge for like 48 frames, Luke Wilson popped up for 2 seconds during the end credits... maybe it's a skateboarder thing where getting c- or b-level celebrities to be in a scene of your video isn't too big a deal... and if their bits aren't that funny then I guess it's good their relegated to outtake-level presences... but both with this one and the first I got a sense that there was like a 2-hour movie here culled down to 90 minutes for pacing. If the DVDs have all the excised bits then I am whining for nothing...

so favorite gags... The taxi ride was pretty cool just for how many layers it had... I'm always a fan of the old people stuff, both in the last one but even moreso in this one. Great use of that Peaches song over the old balls gag. I was seriously cringing with the steve-o human bait and the anaconda ball room stuff... As usual it's got near-porn amounts of male nakedness... i guess the naked-is-funnier rule still works... but it seemed like they liked it a bit too much. I still worry for Bam Margera's mental state and think he should be medicated...

It's kind of a guilty laughing though... like I am now one step closer to Idiocracy... which has already become quoatable around town (hey, i like money too! we should hang out sometime)... i am literally laughing at a man just because he's just vomited or fallen. oh well.
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