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Title:   Son of Kong
Director:   Ernest B. Shoedsack
Year:   1933
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.08.06

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- Mighty Joe Young

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.08.06DVD lazy sunday afternoon, decided to watch the docs on the King Kong DVD and saw that Son of Kon was only 70 minutes... I've never been a huge Kong fan... I think I've gone over that in both my notes for the original and the remake... so Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young are both movies I'm not really super pumped to see... My lack of enthusiasm toward seeing them carry about equal weight as my guilt for owning DVDs of movies that I've never seen... I really think I might set a deadline to catch up with everything before the new year... watch one a night or something. Anyway...

This was what everybody says about it: rushed but ok. it's a realistic premise (Denham is getting sued by half of new york so escapes with the old captain and eventually they run into some excuse to go back to the island) so that doesn't feel too forced, but once they're back on the island it totally does, even to the point where Denham is actually telling son of kong how sorry he is for taking his dad away from here while he bandages little Kong's finger. ugh. Kong's Son also has a habit of mugging to the camera and plays a few gags which take away all the seriousness and realism of the first one.

at least now i've seen it.
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