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Title:   Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
Director:   Lian Lunson
Year:   2005
Genre:   Concert Film
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.13.06

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10.13.06Internet Tribute concert film with little doco bits thrown in interstitially, this is basically a big beautifully-shot lovefest to the very-much-songwriter Leonard Cohen. It's weird though... All these people covering his songs... they just don't work for me unless he's singing them. Maybe it's because I'm not so much a lyrics person so I not paying enough attention to what's being said to enjoy his songs coming from anyone's mouth, but to me what makes Leonard Cohen songs great is his voice and his rhythms. Rufus Wainwright covered my favorite song of his in here with this weird salsa beat and almost a Copa Cabana vibe in the vocals... the novelty wore off pretty soon.

It reminded me of the moment when I realized that music in movies and what appears on the soundtrack usually don't match 100%. Even before I had to go looking for that cool guitar riffy song in Pulp Fiction where Uma walks to the bathroom of Jack Rabbit Slims (Rumble by Link Wray), I bought the soundtrack to a movie called Pump Up The Volume just for this one song that was featured... Christian Slater used it as his opening theme when he got on the radio... So I buy the soundtrack just to find that Concrete Blonde had a crappy cover version of it on there... they didn't pay for the rights to use the Leonard Cohen recording of Everybody Knows on the soundtrack, just the song.


Anyway, this movie is also pretty expert, perhaps too expert to the casual Cohen fan (like myself)... I guess most of the songs are mentioned via interview before they start but you don't get any on-screen text or anything like that to help you out. I don't really mind that though... you can always wait for the end credits but whatever. Just trying to think of something to say about a concert film. The interview bits were good.
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