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Title:   Kill Bill Vol. 1
Director:   Quentin Tarantino
Year:   2003
Genre:   Revenge
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.14.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.14.06Alamo Downtown Even though I'm filing this under volume one, What they actually showed was the Cannes fully uncut whole-bloody-affair version of the film that's 4 hours 15 minutes longand only differentiates the two volumes with an intermission rather than have them be two separate films. I'm not making this two entries because I think even as Vol. 1 and 2 they are just halves of one movie. I don't think Vol. 1 stands too well on its own and without it vol. 2 is pretty slow for the most part. The last time I watched these (just before I started this site) I watched both of them back to back and felt that I liked them much better together than when I saw them theatrically.

So, when QT's there to introduce this new cut that played at Canne with everything shoved together, I'm there.

First off, Kurt Russell was there. He strolled in at one point, asked a guy if anyone was sitting there, and sat down in front of Harry, just sitting there like a normal person who has to get a normal seat in the theater because he's a little late. Crazy. Karen the manager went up to him and told him there was a whole reserved section where QT, Rodriguez, Linklater, et al were sitting so he moved up there... but he could've and I believe would've watched the entire 4 hour movie sitting next to strangers, which is awesome in my book. I've never seen Eric and Aaron so geeked out... they were like prairie dogs trying to pop their heads up high enough to see him sitting at the other end of their row. After all, it's Kurt Russell. I was pretty geeked out too. I told Micah, who was down for the event, that I'm actually related to Kurt through my deceased step-grandfather's son's wife. He said I should go up and tell him that... my creepy-meter went off so I thought better of it, but now i'm thinking I'll get mondo tees to make me a t-shirt that says "I'm Kurt Russell's sister's ex-husband's step-second cousin." I think I deserve it.

The movie itself is made from the Japanese print of the film, which played in Tokyo Hong Kong I think QT said... he listed off all the places it was too violent for. The big difference is the House of Blue Leaves fight scene doesn't pop into black and white. It actually makes a difference... all that red is cool. I think there's also a few more gags in that fight scene (i don't remember the shot where she cut's the guys hands off but I may be mistaken) and there's also one last shot of her dealing with Sofie Fatale's other arm. The other big difference I noticed is that he changed the ending of Volume 1, cutting out that last bit with Bill and Sofie where he says "does she know her daughter lives?" Instead, it flashes onto an intermission then starts Vol. 2 like normal. Actually I don't think there's anything different with Vol. 2 at all except I think more credits at the end. The music goes to some RZA loop for like 4 minutes as the credits keep rolling.

Still, it's cool to see them together, it's cool to see them at the Alamo, and it's cool to see them with QT (who still laughed pretty hard and pretty long at his own stuff, which I think is funny).

Out in the lobby afterward, some people were shooting testimonial footage for upcoming tv spots for when they give this cut a revival-house re-release. Not too interested in being the goofball who gushes about the film on tv, but if I could remember anything anyone said in that amazing I Dismember Mama/Blood Spattered Bride exploitation trailer, I think I would've gone up there to quote it.

Instead, Micah, Jarrette and I drove down south a bit looking for the Jungle Julia and Red Apple billboards that were up a few months ago. Unfortunately they've been taken down so we drove up north to Burnet where they were shooting more recently and did find the Jungle Julia in the Game of Death/Kill Bill yellow/black unitard outfit, so that was a little fulfilling.

Fun night out all things considered, even though it took me forever to find parking and the incessant bass throb leaked in from next door's rooftop club. Saturday night in Austin...
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