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Title:   Tess
Director:   Roman Polanski
Year:   1979
Genre:   Female Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.16.06

Other Movies Seen By This Director (1)
- The Ghost Writer

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.16.06Netflix So I rented this on a blind recomendation, get it in the mail to find out that not only is it based on a Thomas Hardy book but it's also three hours long. Ugh. I had to read The Mayor of Csterbridge in highschool and hated every page of it. Actually I hated all those romantics... but anyway.

So yeah, this is pretty much 100% not my type of movie. Pretty much all I can say about it is that it's beautiful and young Natassja Kinski is beautiful. Otherwise, it just seems like a story about a woman's with eternal bad luck surrounded by asshole men who treat her badly. Doesn't really sound so romantic to me, but I'm a guy so I guess I just don't get it.
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