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Title:   Survive Style 5+
Director:   Gen Sekiguchi
Year:   2004
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.17.06

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10.17.06Friend's House Jarrette all but forced me to sit down and watch this with him. He likes this movie so much that he bought a copy, lent it to a bunch of people until someone never returned it, then bought another copy.

So you know how there's a certain cutty style to the films that music video and commercial directors have? the whole style over substance thing... fast cuts, very pretty but no story going on? Well this is the first movie from a Japanese music video/commercial director. Those familiar with Japanese commercials, music videos, and entertainment in general can probably imagine how crazy this is. However, there is actually a narrative here and it does come to some form of conclusion amidst the craziness.

I liked this a lot. It's very funny, has an amazingly loud color pallette and one of the characters lives in an absolutely amazing house. Plus Vinnie Jones is in it... and Sonny Chiba (although he's credited as Shinichi Chiba)... and the rest of the cast is really good too. The first 20 minutes or so seem pretty random but it's one of those movies where eventually all of the characters intertwine somehow. But it works so it's good.

Incidently, I guess this is one of the movies Jarrette suggested for the first FantasticFest. I personally think that if they played this then, or even at this year's fest, it would be a real highlight. I guess music clearance issues are keeping it from really hitting stateside so fests and bootlegs are kinda the only ways to see this right now, but yeah definitely... if this played fantastic fest it would go over quite well. ahh, maybe next year.
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