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Title:   Celluloid Horror
Director:   Ashley Fester
Year:   2004
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.18.06

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10.18.06DVD This is a documentary on Kier-La and her Cinemuerte film festival. When I first looked into getting a copy of this, i had really just met Kier-La and was just as interested in her as her festival. But it's taken so long to finally get this that, now that I know Kier-La at least a little bit better, the more personal stuff of her shown here made me feel a little stalkery... which is bad. However, I enjoyed all the festival stuff that much more, and that's not to say Kier-La's interviews in here are bad or anything... it's just weird to see someone you know be the subject of a full-length doc and get that intimate treatment like talking about her childhood or following the course of her marriage.

It's a good movie, uses tons of clips that must've been hell to track down clearances for, and does a really good job of showcasing the fairly specific side of horror that Cinemuerte was all about. At least that I think it was all about.

I also wanted to see this as an example of what an Alamo doc might be like. Still pretty tough. While I enjoyed this a lot, I am a self-admitted film geek. Not sure about any sort of crossover potential here or with the Alamo, no matter how much I want there to be.

So this proved interesting in many ways for me. I'm really glad I finally got a chance to see it...
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