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Title:   Thunder Cops
Director:   Jeffrey Lau
Year:   1987
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.18.06

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10.18.06Friend's House Ok so Tim league has a trailer for this movie called Thunder Cops that could very well be the best trailer ever. I know youtube links don't last forever but for the sake of record, here's where you can see this trailer:

So I've seen this trailer probably around 10 times now and love it. It's just so all over the place, like what sort of movie could possibly exist that has chicks firing guns, human shields, weird monk kung-fu, and a chase scene between a decapitated head and a fleet of remote control helicoptors? And how could that movie make any kind of sense!?

So when Thomas got a copy on DVD and set up a screening at some random soundstage in town, A dedicated group of us braved the tornado warnings and crazy ass storm to show up and satisfy our curiosity.

So if you like the trailer and want to keep that wondrous curiosity alive until you too will one day get a chance to see the whole movie, don't read any further.

I guess the big thing is that this is really a comedy. And not in any sort of unintentional way either... It's like a slapsticky borderline-farce type of comedy. It just happens to have ghosts in it. The second big revelation is that all those scenes in the trailer with the kung-fu and the chicks with guns and the human shield and all that? yeah, none of that's in the movie at all. Maybe there's some director's cut out there somewhere or maybe they took those scenes from some other movie but either way, they're nowhere to be found in the film I just saw.

So after you accept that, this is actually a pretty fun crazy movie. The english subs on the disc were horrible though so that made some stuff funny that probably shouldn't have been, but yeah... It actually started out really funny for me but the pacing and the stupid humor are so relentless that by the end it was kind of tiring.

but hey, i've now seen Thunder Cops!!!
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