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Title:   The Return of the Living Dead
Director:   Dan O Bannon
Year:   1985
Genre:   Zombie
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   10.21.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.21.06Alamo Downtown It's party time! This was a great event with five(5!!!) members of the cast live in person! Jewel Shepard (Casey), John Philbin (Chuck), Beverly Randolph (Tina), Don Calfa (Ernie), and Ms. must-be-nude-clause-in-her-contract herself, Linnea Quigley! (Trash) were ALL HERE! Freakin amazing! Too bad I'm poor and couldn't afford to pay for anyone's autograph, but just seeing them, hearing them, and creepily sitting behind them to see what they did while watching the movie was enough! My big curiosity was Linnea Quigley... I guess I'm so used to seeing the hardbody 80s version of her constantly-nude body that I was afraid what she'd look like today (very similar to the reason why I'm not seeing the Stones tomorrow night). I needn't have worried though, Linnea looks absolutely fantastic for her age and is still like a size 2. I desperately wanted to ask her about Psycho from Texas but... I thought that'd be too creepy. I mean, I also wanted to ask her to get naked, you know, for old times' sake... but I think that would've led to trouble. So instead I just stood off to the side and geeked out with several other people. ahh, good times.

The movie... seeing it again kind of cemented the fact that it's a really solid comedy and an all-around fun time for me. I now have zero shame in saying that I love it, and not in an ironic oh-its-so-80s way either.

Afterward in the Q&A, everybody took their turn talking about how much of a bastard Dan O'Bannon was... it was creepy and hilarious at the same time. Then Don enlightened us on how his character was actually taken from a real-life nazi with the same name... and all of the little weird creepy Dan O'Bannonisms that are in the movie and creepy things he did in real life. Everyone was cool and in good spirits and one of them got into this 3-minute laughing fit during the movie that was really funny. Oh and Greg Nicotero sat behind me. I was in a cool celeb sandwhich between him and the cast members, it was great. Really fun time.
05.29.06Alamo South Lamar It'd been so long since I last saw this that I pretty much only remember the girl getting naked in the cemetary. It was pretty good, pretty funny... and I got a kick out of seeing the black guy from joey playing a comic relief Quincy punk. Actually all of the punks are pretty hilarious... the dude with the chain from his lip to his ear was hilarious. the local punk band however... not so hot.
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