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Title:   Sleeping Dogs Lie
Director:   Bobcat Goldthwait
Year:   2006
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.23.06

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10.23.06Bullock IMAXThis Screening is part of event: Austin Film Festival 2006
Well the weekend's over, the LA people are gone... now it's just us festival-goers getting to see Bobcat Goldthwait's new film. It's a dark comedy about a girl and her family and her relationships and whatnot, dealing with the subject of honesty and how even though everyone says it's great to be brutally honest with one another, some things are better left unspoken. What would the best way be to examine this idea? Why, bestiality of course!

In college, this girl blows her dog. It happens right at the beginning of the movie and is just there in your mind forever. They don't show it or anything - it's not like the actress actually does any blowing - but it's definitely part of the story and serves pretty well as a secret so dark and disgusting that she doesn't want to tell even the closest people in her life about it. From there, the movie is a bit like Meet the Parents but with way bigger balls. Instead of having a pot-smoking hip-hop-listening brother, this girl has a meth-smoking paint-huffing brother. The fiance is there to ask the girl's dad's blessing to marry, he's straight-laced and thinks she's perfect... they unsuccessfully try to have sex in her parents' house, etc. Except in the beginning of the movie... SHE BLOWS A DOG. so that makes everything funny.

Eventually, we learn some disgusting truths about other family members... Roy Orbison gets mentioned, the phrase "shoot the cookie" gets said, Elvis may be involved in some way... generally, the first half of the film is very funny. Then the cat (or in this case the dog) gets let out of the bag and the movie has a real serious turn (I was reminded of Jodie Foster's Home for the Holidays in that way) and there is some genuinely emotional relationship-y stuff that goes on... a death in the family even so it gets downright sad in parts. And then funny again at the end.

Bobcat was there to intro and Q&A the film which was great. He told a little story about seeing this with an audience and seeing this woman who was getting up to leave at the beginning and her friend talked her into staying... then later on in the film Bobcat's daughter leans over and whispers for him to look at the woman, who is now crying. "yeah, you cry, bitch" she says. I don't know Bobcat Goldthwait's daughter's name or anything about her, but that story alone puts her in my cool book.

He also said that the film cost 40 grand, was written in 3 days, shot in 16 (mostly with crew found on craigslist made up of underage students), completely without permits (in fact, he broke into some random person's garage to shoot one scene, telling the crew to be quiet tonight because "it's a heavy scene for the actors"). When asked for his inspiration, he said "my dog is really hot."

ALso funny, he said he auditioned actors for the meth-smoking brother and, oddly enough, most of the actors would turn into werewolves after taking a hit... like that's how they thought meth addicts acted or something. funny.

So yeah, this was good. It was funny then sad. Pretty good for a dog blowjob movie.
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