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Title:   Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny'
Director:   Liam Lynch
Year:   2006
Genre:   Musical
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   10.11.09

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10.11.09DVD In trying to psych myself up about Brutal Legend until parts of me explode in anticipation of Rocktober 13th, I decided to revisit this. I don't know, I think this movie is pretty under-appreciated. Again, it relies heavily on Jack Black's personality but hey, it's the Tenacious D movie! come on!

The kids they got were perfect. The whole intro song was great. I think it's pretty much all great; very in tune with the shorts but expanding it out. I think maybe people had some pretty wild expectations for what this would be and that's what drew such a negative reaction when it came out or something... It seems pretty awesome to me.

Now bring on Brutal Legend!!!
10.26.06ParamountThis Screening is part of event: Austin Film Festival 2006
Closing night at AFF: Tenacious D. Unfortunately we got no JB in person but there was a pretty decent crowd, all of us anxious to see this film.

The lights go down and animated caricatures of Jack Black and Kyle Gass walk on screen. Gass burns a fatty, swallows a bean & cheese burrito, and proceeds to fart around the theater in surroundsound. a large metallic THC springs up with the tagline: "The audience is baking."

From there, we launch into an amazing musical introduction where several stars of the universe align to let you know that this movie is tons of fun. The kid they got to play young JB is, well could be illegitimately his. JB's dad, the posters on his wall, who he prays to, everything. This introduction truly rocks your socks off. And the best thing about the introduction is that it isn't the best thing in the movie. The film stays at this level of intense rock-tacular hilarity until an equally-rock-tastic musical finale that blows your socks off again! Really. Supranatural levels of fun.

The trailers on this one are extremely deceiving. Apparently the marketing people want you to think that this is watered-down D, a D incapable of rising above nutcracker and powerslide jokes. Those marketing people are wrong. This movie is 110% D. It's literally impossible to make this movie any more Tenacious D. It kind of borrows from the old HBO shorts, some of their best songs, and fills in a whole bunch of blanks in perfect ways. As just a casual fan of their music, I believe this is the best they've ever been. Watching them is more fun than listening to them for me but when you can do both... shit.

Also, be sure to stay for the credits. It's not a X3 level of revelation/plot cancellation but there is a funny gag worth staying for.
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