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Title:   Satan's Cheerleaders
Director:   Greydon Clark
Year:   1977
Genre:   Cheerleader
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.26.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.26.06Terror Thursday Despite an ominous amount of red lights, I made it down to South Lamar just in time to catch this, hopefully flushing out a festival's worth of films in one late-70s funfest. Well, kind of.

In his extended intro, Zack let us all know that some previous owner of this print saw fit to snip one frame out whenever the various cheerleaders showed their undies. Man, what a pervy projectionist! You know those were getting spliced into Disney films a la Fight Club... or maybe he just had a scrapbook of girls' asses... who knows.

Anyway, for the first 20 minutes of this movie, there's no satan. It's all cheerleaders and no satan... but then the satan part gets going in the form of a school custodian peeping tom with a sequined work shirt. I seriously love that guy's shirt.

So by the end it's actually all satan and no cheerleader... but it's still fun. Well, it's all fun except for the 18-minute sequence soundtracked by this repetitive satanic chant... man talk about a pace-killer. But other than that it's fun.

The sheriff/high priest is named B.L. Bubb and he's pretty funny because he hates his wife. He's always like "damn it, woman! don't sic our pet hounds of hell (named Diablo and Lucifer) on them! we need them alive!" and at one point actually says "women. you marry them, make them your high priestess, and get nothing but trouble."

All of this under a bed of pretty awesome disco music. Not satanic cheerleader disco music or anything themed to the movie at all but just honest-to-goodness hip-hustling disco music. My favorite song was "who you gonna love tonight"... very catchy (who you gonna love!? who you gonna love toniiiiight).

And so there's cheerleaders and satanists and they do some stuff and at the end it all becomes clear why this is all happening: satan loves football. Can't ask for a much better thursday night... hail satan!
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