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Title:   Code 46
Director:   Michael Winterbottom
Year:   2006
Genre:   Science Fiction
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.03.06

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11.03.06DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2006
Since I'll be visiting the folks next weekend, the official celebration of two years of near-daily journal updates starts right now!

DVRfest 2006!

I've got a full selection lined up and printed out right here next to me and I am excited! I've got nearly twice the number of films as I had last year, plus with the extra foresight I think I've planned some pretty interesting double features and overall themes throughout the weekend. While I'd only seen 2 of the 10 movies I watched last year, this year I've seen 5... but it's been a long time since I've seen any of them and I believe I've only seen each one once before so it's still a whole weekend of mostly-new movies for me. I have to say... this is about as close as I want to come to actually programming festivals, not having to put up with dealing with distributors, trying to get special guests, ticket sales, or any of that crap. I am still getting a rush though of picking out all these movies as they come on and thinking "this would be great for DVRfest." If you're bored or interested, feel free to follow along all weekend (updates should start around 6pm CST each night) as I make journal entries after each film! Here we go!

The opening film of the fest is Code 46. It's a movie I put off seeing because the trailers seemed to give the entire story away and I didn't need to see Samantha Morton playing a mildly less-annoying version of her Minority Report character. Since then though, I've kind of become converted to the church of Winterbottom so... call me curious.


This movie is gorgeous. They managed to create a futuristic city that's realistic and subtle but also believably advanced. I have a few irks with a lot of science fiction and this is what they are: I hate when the world they're presenting is more interesting than the story they're telling. I also hate when they spend all this time to set up a system of the way things work in the future just to break or change that system by the end. Both of these pitfalls are pretty common in what I see... I think this movie avoids both of them.

Although, it's pretty clear to me that I'd like this movie much more if I liked Samantha Morton. Just, for whatever reason... I don't like her. She looks like a teenage boy with boobs... something's just off there that tickles me the wrong way so, acting talent aside, I don't like looking at her (especially with her short short hair in this movie). Especially since everything else in this movie is so beautiful (ok, maybe not everything... but the architecture and lighting and location and scenery sure are), I feel like this movie REALLY wants me to think Morton's hot to buy the whole story and I just don't. The weakest link here is buying that Tim Robbins would fall so head over heels for her. The way the story develops however, proved different enough that I wasn't bored actively distracted by all the cool little this-is-the-future touches (like Minority Report).

Most importantly though... the ending. It's a total 1984 ending and I love it. It makes it an everyday story that just happens to be set in the future instead of some forced epic shoving some message down my throat. Really happily surprised by the ending. The music's great too.

So... great! Off to a good start. Next!
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