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Title:   Scarecrows
Director:   William Wesley
Year:   1988
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.05.06

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11.05.06DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2006
A group of paramilitary army base robbers (yeah, it's the 80s) parachute into a random field when one of them backstabs the others and jumps out of their hijacked plane with the money. Little do they know that they've jumped right into a field populated with creepy scarecrows, some of which are magically alive and don't like trespassers.

There are maybe four scarecrows that stay put on their crosses. Any time the movie needs to transition between scenes or cover a flubbed line or fill time or anything like that it just cuts to one of these scarecrows. I think it's even the same shot. I know for a fact that they use this one shot of a harmonica like four times... But the thing of it is that these close-ups on the creepy non-moving scarecrows are actually pretty creepy. One in particular has this wrinkle-grin that really freaks me out. Why, then, do they make the animated murderous scarecrow faces not nearly as creepy? they are like bad Skeletor molds in old papier-mache. I don't get it. Probably a solid 10 minutes (scattered throughout the movie) of looking at these stationary burlap sack masks that are awesome then the ones that actually move and pitchfork and whatnot are lame!? gah.

Whatever. This movie actually uses a pretty good workaround for it's scene after scene of people walking through light forest at night. Since they're paramilitary types, they all have little radio headsets so pretty much all of the pertinent information is conveyed through that. You might think it's corny until the scene where one guy acts like he's going insane and then you wish he was doing it via walkie talkie instead of having to watch him "act."

I saw this such a long time ago. I rented it because it was at Blockbuster and it had an "unrated" sticker on it. This is the R-rated cut though (Showtime pansies) so I'm not sure how much gore was cut out for this version. There's really not much here though to be honest... although the idea of killer scarecrows stuffing dead people with straw and money, then seeing the paramilitary army base robbers pulling out handfulls of bloody cash is pretty amusing. This isn't what I'd call a good movie, but as a nice dark flick with killer scarecrows at 2am as the 17th movie in 60 hours, it does alright.
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