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Title:   The Glory Stompers
Director:   Anthony M. Lanza
Year:   1968
Genre:   Biker
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.15.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
11.15.06Weird Wednesday back in town just in time for Weird Wednesday! I wouldn't miss this one, since it played on the very first night of the very first QTfest as a midnight movie after The Savage Seven and Hollywood Man... I think it would've made a better night to save Hollywood Man for the midnight though... this one pairs with Savage Seven much more. It's more of the typical biker formula: stuff happens in the first and last 10 minutes, separated by a good hour of the biker gang at a wild party and/or riding into the country. Gotta be free I guess.

Still, this one stands out because Dennis Hopper's the main bad biker dude and he is high. very high. in every scene. in every shot. That's alright though... he's got some great dialogue. And also Casey Kasem has a thick beard and mouths "I love you" to a pansy-assed good biker in the beginning of the movie. Yeah, The Glory Stompers are the kind of bike club that wears little native american spirit pouches on their chests rather than iron crosses and swastikas. They have the same name as the movie though so they have to win in the end, even though it's not even really like they won but more like the bad gang (called Black Souls) kind of collapse from within due to that everpresent rape temptation. It's great though... they kidnap this girl and tell her they can either kill her or take her down to mexico and sell her to some "high-class Mexicans." If you ask me, the biggest fault in this movie is that we never see these high-class Mexicans... That would've been so great.

Overall, there were some good times, some slow times... it was an ok movie. It certainly filled its genre expectations... no catchy original song though. It needed that too. High-class Mexicans and a groovy original theme song.
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