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Title:   Casino Royale
Director:   Martin Campbell
Year:   2006
Genre:   Spy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.16.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.16.06Alamo Village Well, I guess I have to preface any comment I make about this movie by saying I'm not the A#1 James Bond fan. I haven't seen all of them... actually I don't think I've seen even half of them, and I really didn't like any of the recent ones. I did think Pierce Brosnan was really great casting for the character but he was stuck in outlandishly boring action movies for his whole contract.

So I had no faith at all in this one, even though I'd heard it was a reboot and I seemed to be in the minority in thinking that Daniel Craig was an interesting choice. Starting fresh... the climax is a card game, not an explosion, etc. etc.

spoilers from here on out.

Well, ok. It starts out with a chase sequence that, while it's pretty typical action, it's typical action done very very well. Hey, nothing wrong with that. I'm being dazzled here! lots of running and jumping but, like i said, it's really well-done running and jumping. And from there the movie does a lot of what I wanted it to do. Aside from one or two small scenes that felt needlessly emotional (that, in hindsight, were clearly foundation work for later on in the picture), i had zero problems with this movie. I really liked this movie. Sure, they couldn't have the villain just weep blood without explaining it and having people talk about it (like a huge scar over the eye and having the cornea be all milky and whatnot wasn't explanation enough of something messed up with his eye), but hey... it's still a cool villain who sometimes cries blood. and the women are gorgeous (although PG-13 sucks. show some breasts!) and it's cool to see the Bond conventions played with and subverted (like the bond girl names and the car chases and whatnot). and i'm even ok with the running commentator explaining how exactly to play poker and what each move makes during the climactic card scene at the titular Casino Royale... I was having fun... I really liked this movie!

And then they put an extra half hour on it that should just not be there. They should just delete it! loose the reels... or warn people that now is when you should walk out. the last half hour kills this movie for me.

oh, great... a boring action sequence in an old building. Haven't seen that before. great. when's this over again?

It's almost like they couldn't help themselves... they had a good movie that was somewhat different and they just couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to fall back on all the crap that made me yawn at like the last 6 or 8 007 movies. sigh...

I'm starting to think though, that my perception and ideal of what a great James Bond movie should be is in reality not a James Bond movie at all. I've never read the books or cared too much but maybe james bond isn't as elegant as i want him to be... maybe he does like driving tanks and construction vehicles around and making big things blow up. i dunno...
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