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Title:   The Seven-Ups
Director:   Philip D''Antoni
Year:   1973
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.19.06

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11.19.06Netflix AHh I finally see this movie. Directed by the producer of French Connection and Bullit with a story by Sonny Grosso, this movie has a hell of a pedigree making it sort of the unofficial other sequel to French Connection. I like to believe that it's really what Scheider was doing while Popeye went to Europe to track down Fernando Rey. Now he's the leader of a strike team very similar to The Shield, making big cases with unorthodox methods. They're called the Seven-Ups because that's what their targets get in prison: seven years and up. Except when we drop in on them they get mixed up with a series of mob kidnappings that Scheider's snitch hasn't told him about.

It's a really solid movie, just a tad slow for your standard cop fare and with a somewhat different take on the score (instead of funky drum beats and syncopated brass it's all strings and undertones), but the quality of the story and acting keep you interested. Lots of unique messed-up NYC faces here, like the guy who played Maniac and the guy with the charred scar-tissue face who i've seen pop up in all kinds of movies. Plus another sweet car chase through grimy 70s NYC... can't beat that with a nightstick.
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