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Title:   Naked Rider
Director:   William Diehl Jr.
Year:   1975
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.22.06

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11.22.06Weird Wednesday whew... so after that, the next movie better be really fun. Unfortunately, I think the powerful effect of the Jonestown doc overshadowed any subtle charm this movie could have for me.

Um.. so this is a movie about... well there's a big rich guy in town (called Big Jim... not Jim, Big Jim) who like horses but sleeps with every woman but his wife. so a stablehand gets with his wife, they fight then race horses. the end. And 90% of the action described here happens in the last 20 minutes so for the first 80 or so, i guess you'd have to call it atmosphere.

But i liked these:

-a guy uses the saying "He's gonna come down on you like an angry possom on your back"

-Big Jim's wife asks the stablehand "You don't treat women like Wedding Cake, do you?" (something about icing)

-At one point they go out for a hot night in Atlanta... I guess back then all Atlanta had to offer is penny arcades and knick-knack stores. they finally end up at a disco but the camera walks past the funky 70s dancing to find these guys sitting in the back having dinner or something. man party animals!

-during one sex scene, there's some pretty good funk music going on.

So... there's really only a couple sex scenes... remarkably little nudity for a sexploitation movie... actually everything that happens in this movie is pretty remarkably weak. the horse race, the fight, the drama, everything... it all seems to happen with some profound lack of enthusiasm which, on a different night, I might've gotten a real kick out of. Tonight though, it wasn't nearly enough.
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