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Title:   The Bastard
Director:   Duccio Tessari
Year:   1968
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.01.06

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- No Way Out

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.01.06Borrowed Micah lent me what looks like a dvd bootleg of a vhs copy taken from Japanese TV (a few frames of Taco Bell commercial pop in every once in a while) of this Duccio Tessari Italian crime movie starring Guliano Gemma and Klaus Kinksi (in awesome euro-trash sunglasses no less) as rivalling gangster brothers of Rita Hayworth's alcoholic mother character. Basically this movie is a contest to see which brother can be more cold-hearted and ruithless than the other. Seriously... they do some cold shit. And it's not like Steven Seagal or Jean Claude Van Damme coldness either... it's like greek mythology levels of familial harshness.

And then there's an earthquake at the end. I guess that's a spoiler because it creates a great WTF moment when you're watching, but I can't write my thoughts on this movie without mentioning that. It's SO out of nowhere that I had to watch it twice and make sure I saw it right. And for as deus ex machina-y as it seems, it just proves to lay foundation for the harshest coldest shit in the entire movie. Great ending.

I think this movie would've dragged if it was any longer than the 70 or so minutes that it is... but luckily it's so short it's just like a shot. I liked this movie... I think I still liked No Way Out more but... this one is pretty good as well.

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