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Title:   Dreamgirls
Director:   Bill Condon
Year:   2006
Genre:   Musical
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.09.06

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- Kinsey

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12.09.06Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Butt-Numb-A-Thon 8
So I don't really like musicals. I like some. I'm a huge fan of pretty much every Busby Berkely number, and like their container movies ok as well. What I hate and have never been able to buy into are the musicals where the songs pop up in the middle of scenes like opera... where characters are talking then all of a sudden they're singing. I hate that shit.

Well this movie does both. It's chock full of motown-esque (but not as good) songs then it also has the "I'm so angry" songs as well... It's really long and predictable and constantly makes you want to hear the real, much better, songs that they're trying to resemble. I really only found two aspects of this movie interesting:

1)Eddie Murphy was good in it. maybe not as good as everyone's slobbering about, but good. I really think he should do a few more movies that are ensembles or in supporting roles instead of "eddie murphy movies." That kind of thing goes a long way in rejuvinating your career... it's also advice I'd give Arnold Schwarzeneggar if he ever acts again.

2) I thought it was interesting how they mention several times in the movie that Beyonce can't sing while the American Idol drop-out is like the best singer ever. Beyonce's management must find that thrilling.

So BIll Condon was there for a Q&A afterward. Very short and awkward. Only two questions, which is weird because the audience clapped after every song. And there are A LOT of songs in this movie. so that's a lot of clapping for a movie that no one's interested in afterward.

But that's BNAT I guess. I know this sounds really whiney and wrong to complain about an audience that's TOO enthusiastic and respectful of movies, but it got to be a bit much. Every movie, people are clapping for no reason. I'm all for clapping at the end if you like it or for special guests being here or for people you love in the beginning credits, but after every scene? With a normal audience that would be something pretty special, but here people were throwing applause out like an old lady playing quarter slots in Vegas. All day. ALl night. it got old.
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