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Title:   Danielson: A Family Movie
Director:   J.L. Aronson
Year:   2006
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.11.06

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12.11.06Music Monday This doc is about Daniel Smith and his different bands, which also peripherally includes Sufjan Stevens so this happened to capture him RIGHT at the point where he broke it big. There's a big crisis 75% through the movie where I could kinda tell the filmmakers were having trouble deciding whether to make a Sufjan Stevens movie instead of a Danielson Famile movie because that was clearly the more commercial choice. I'm kinda glad they stuck with this one though because he's crazier and therefore more entertaining. And some of the music I actually liked...

Basically, it's a christian family/band and the main dude says he writes more like channelling God's message than him making up the lyrics... and he's also an artist because he makes weird sculptures and whatnot... it's all borderline creepy or sad depending on his mood, but hey whatever floats his boat.

So it's a pretty good doc.
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