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Title:   Bummer
Director:   William Allen Castleman
Year:   1973
Genre:   Exploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.13.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
12.13.06Weird Wednesday I don't really know what genre to put this in... you don't see many movies where the whole story is a band maybe has to go on the road, a band's gonna go on the road, a band does one gig in bakersfield, the bassist kills a girl, the end. Seriously, they dropped checks with 45 minutes to go and nothing had happened. So I guess you have to just enjoy hanging out with rock types and groupies and just go with the flow for this one... which would be fine if the group was interesting or something, but it's three interchangeable guys and one awesome fat bastard psycho bass player. Easily the best part of this movie is the bass player. I loved every word coming out of his mouth... i wish there was more. but as it is, I kinda sat through the movie waiting for him to say the next thing. There's some really absurdly great things going on with his complex character. The only thing any of the other characters ever have to contribute for the whole movie is one of the guys says he'll get his lesbian manager's (thanks Lars) "fat butch ass." I'm not sure how many opportunities I'll have to reference someone's ass as fat butch but I'm gonna try my hardest to do so...

So the best part of the movie is the very end. The bass player's just semi-raped then killed one of the groupies and run around the woods like a monster then shot his bandmate in the face with a shotgun. The other groupie grabs a gun and shoots him in the gut. The bass player looks at her and says "...why!!?" That's just great. The groupie actually answers him though, saying "because we're losers" which is funny because it's nowhere near the answer I had in mind... but I guess both answers fit.

Overall I'm glad I saw a movie called Bummer, and I'm really happy that I have that last scene in my memory now... but through the majority of the movie I was kinda wondering why this movie was made.
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