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Title:   The Bourne Identity
Director:   Doug Liman
Year:   2002
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.16.06

Other Movies Seen By This Director (5)
- American Made
- Edge of Tomorrow
- Fair Game
- Jumper
- Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.16.06DVD Premiere ran a picture of Damon in Bourne Ultimatum which tripped a switch in my head that made me want to watch these again... so instead of working on stuff I should be working on, I'm doing a Bourne double feature. I've also been reading Sylvester Stallone's Q&As on aint it cool for the past few weeks and at one point he mentioned these movies as being good examples of successful smart action movies of recent years. I have to agree. I never really feel like this movie condescends to me or simplifies things for the sake of understanding. In fact, I love how streamlined it is, like when he finds shotgun shells in a drawer, looks at the childrens toys on the floor and figures that the gun must be somewhere high out of reach, then feels around atop the armoir and finds it. It's just a few cuts and it happens while they talk but you can follow the logic pretty continuously. There is the weird stairway fall at the end which borders on cheese but for the most part this movie is remarkably un-dairy.
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