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Title:   Asylum
Director:   Roy Ward Baker
Year:   1972
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.04.07

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01.04.07Terror Thursday I rented this movie a while back and really liked it. The box cover I rented was titled "Asylum: House of Crazies" and I loved that too. House of Crazies... what a great title. So I really only remembered two things about this movie: that it was good and that the first story had a bit that made me really laugh. This guy chops up his wife and wraps the parts in paper (even separating the thumb from the fingers for some reason) and thanks to some voodoo bracelet the body parts come back to life. He first sees this when the wrapped-up head climbs the stairs from the basement and rolls out on the kitchen floor. What's the typical British response to an unspeakable horror like this? An arched brow. That's it. One tiny little arched brow. Man, so great.

But of course the REAL crowd favorite of this movie is the very end when its revealed that Herbert Lom has been working on tiny robot versions of the people he knows. Yeah yeah, he's crazy... but then there's this scene where it keeps cutting to him concentrating REAL hard on the little robot of himself... and voila, he's transferred his soul into the robot and the robot slowly... very slowly... walks down the hall, gets in the dumbwaiter, walks across a desk, and kills the director of the titular asylum with a scalpel into the back of his neck. The exact circumstances of this.... like if you sat down and thought about all of the things that would have to happen in order for this plan to work... I mean this robot moves SLOW. It's just hilarious. And then, when the visiting doctor realizes what's happened and stomps on the robot, guts squish out! ewwww! heh heh heh.

Fun movie, still just a wee tad slow in parts, but mostly it's just some good British horror fun with a house full of crazies... not like a friday night horror movie but more like a sunday afternoon horror movie... good times.
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