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Title:   Munich
Director:   Steven SPielberg
Year:   2005
Genre:   Revenge
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   01.13.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.13.07DVR Munich is a movie that I remember thinking was good in the theaters about a year ago but have never felt any urge to own or see again. In fact, I'd kind of forgotten it was even made until I saw it listed somewhere a few days ago. Since I now think of all Steven Spileberg movies as being really good in parts but ruined by incredibly out of place sentimentalism or softie endings, I figured I'd watch this again and see if I'm wrong or what.

So what's up with intercutting the killing of the Munich hostages with Eric Bana having sex? What's that supposed to mean? Is he a necro now? Or maybe that thought popped in right at the end and that's why he's so freaked out... like he accidentally thought of his mom or something. I dunno... Aside from that I'd say there's a few scenes that are suspiciously absent... like Bana falling to his knees and begging Geoffery Rush to forgive him, or holding up his ring and saying he could've bought two more locations of people to kill, or going to Boston at the end and having his whole family there waiting for him to live happily ever after. Oh wait, that happened in Brooklyn this time instead. Still, the actual assassinationy parts were good and this makes me want to finally watch the original Day of the Jackal. I think I'll settle for The Good Shepherd instead.
01.04.06Cinemark Pflugerville good... but it still got all wonky and old-spielbergian a little bit at the end where somehow he thinks the "climax" of the Munich incident and another sort of climax would go well together... No matter if the French call it the little death or not, it still didn't work for me.

the rest of the movie though, was good. all the actors did a good job and there is some really intricate work with interweaving old news footage and new filmed elements in the beginning. I don't think anyone can say Spielberg's grasp on the craft of moviemaking is anything less than stellar these days... it's more his happy ending soft nerves that worry me now

good to be back in town though, although going to see this at a Tinseltown matinee was maybe a bad choice. this ancient couple sat just within earshot of me and cawed at each other during the whole thing. their cell phone also rang. twice. What's worse though was that there was a couple of women sitting directly in front of them that did everything but punch them in their hips to get them to stop talking and neither the old crone nor the ancient mariner so much as registered their existence. Ultimately, the two women moved to a different seat and the thought of yelling at old people kind of kept me silent but man oh man would i have loved to see them get booted... I wonder if Lars will kick a little old lady out if she's talking... i hope so. just because she's little and old it doesn't mean the theater is her living room all of a sudden. she can't just talk out to Alex Trebek and have those of us around her not hear. bah.

anyway, good movie. i was not let down by the ending as much as i thought i would be, weirdo paranoid eric bana sex scene aside.
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