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Title:   The Good Shepherd
Director:   Robert De Niro
Year:   2006
Genre:   Spy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.13.07

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01.13.07Internet A sprawling flabby take on the early years of CIA that has about an hour's worth of fictional biopic that keeps this movie from being great. I can definitely see how people who are not already very interested in the history of espionage find this movie way too long and way too boring. For me, I thought all the spy stuff was really great but found myself working to like bits amidst all this family stuff going on in the middle of everything. It's hard enough to follow since it's all told in flashbacks and flashbacks within flashbacks and all the cloak and dagger stuff takes some thought to figure out what's going on anyway, I don't need a boring neglected family B story to cloud things up even further, especially since Matt Damon's character is more of a composite or heavily modeled after someone rather than a real person. Still, good performances for the most part, and the stuff I did like I really liked... I just with it was 40 minutes shorter.

oh, and the guy who plays Damon's kid has a mouth like a rainbow trout. seriously.
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