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Title:   Troll 2
Director:   Claudio Fragasso
Year:   1990
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.01.07

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02.01.07Terror Thursday The first time I saw Troll 2 was in college, maybe 1998 or 9. I had a group of friends that worshipped this movie and threw an annual cheese-a-thon where they rented a bunch of "bad" movies and stayed up all night watching them while eating tons and tons of cheese and drinking Tang. I guess it's a college thing. Anyway, That night, I brought The Stuff, someone brought an Ed Wood movie, someone mistakenly picked Transylvania 6-5000 as a bad movie, and I dunno a couple others... Hell Comes to Frogtown I think. Anyway, The first time I saw the crazy-eyes non-troll I was hooked. So it gives me great great joy to say that tonight's terror thursday screening of Troll 2 was not only sold out, it was the hot ticket in town, easily the best turnout for any Terror Thursday to date, and rivalling some of themost packed nights of Weird Wednesday.

I got there 45 minutes early and the line was already out the door and halfway down the block. I spotted Zack and learned that I was on the list! I tell ya, as much as I loathe the people that show up late and get to skip the line because they know someone, I sure love being that guy. Reportedly the line ended up well around the corner, and easily 200 people were turned away. That's just crazy talk... four to five hundred people wanting to see Troll 2. It might have something to do with the fact that 4 cast members were here in attendance! The kid, the angry dad, the playboy boyfriend, AND the kid that turns into a tree all made it down! And not only that, they paid their own way! AND it was the tree-guy's birthday! How's THAT sound, old college buddies? HAH!

It's kind of understandable though. Austin has such an exuberant audience for these kind of movies that - honestly - if I was one of these guys who churned out exploitation movies in the 70s or made Troll 2, I'd love to appear at the Alamo. I'm not sure how much love their given in other places, but here they are definitely VIPs.

Apparently Troll 2 has quite a strong following everywhere though. Guys were here doing a full-on documentary on the whole phenomenon. Some people were lined up since 9pm (that's for a midnight show) and wearing home-made Nilbog t-shirts. Afterward, people were more than happy to be interviewed, meditating on how great a movie this actually is.

Well, ok. "Great" probably isn't the right word. It's definitely unique though. It's almost exhausting actually, because every line of every scene spoken by every character every minute of this movie is somehow wrong. It's like it's not even made by humans, but pod-people trying to act like humans and not quite getting it right. It's amazing that it's so consistently off. Really the only other movie that comes to mind as being anywhere close in feeling is Dangerous Men. I'd dare to say that Troll 2 is PERRRR-fec!

So the theater's packed. Every seat, barstool, and wooden lobby chair is taken. Not only that, there are people standing in the back and to the side. For the whole movie. People laughing and cheering, applauding (in a good way) after particularly hilarious moments... really with the movie. It's another moment at the Alamo (along with QTfests, BNATs, and a couple other events) that I'm feeling like I'm here in a moment in history. 220 rabid Troll 2 fans lucky enough to get in (remember another 200 were turned away), watching this movie at the Alamo. It's the kind of thing I used to read about on aint it cool and wonder why I hadn't moved here yet. It's truly why I'm here.
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