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Title:   Nighthawks
Director:   Bruce Malmuth
Year:   1981
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.04.07

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02.04.07Netflix Thanks to an uncharactersitcially helpful IMDb comment on Night Moves, my Netflix queue is now top-heavy with 70s crime movies. I couldn't be happier because I love pretty much everything about 70s crime movies.

Except this was made in 1981. Yeah, well. Those movies haven't come in yet. What I have right now is a Rutger Hauer double feature of this and The Hitcher, but this movie reminded me of all the cool 70s crime movies I have coming so I thought I'd share.

And really, 81 is more or less still the 70s. This movie has all the NYC grit, macho tough-cop bravado, timely disco club location photography, and psycho punk bad guy that all but define the genre. Plus you got Stallone with a beard playing a guy named Deke partnered up with Billy Dee Williams... come on now.

This was pretty good. Maybe surprisingly good for a Stallone movie. Joe Spinell (of Maniac "fame") played the police lieutenant and got to yell at the stars like they were about-to-be-knifed hookers for a scene or two. Plus it's Hauer's American film debut so I'd say it's worth watching for several reasons. Overall though... it's a solid crime movie and I just can't get enough of them right now so i'm still hungry for more.

On a side note, We finally put up Reel Distraction today, so I guess this journal will get a little more exposure through there. Well, I'm still not doing spellcheck, grammarchekc, good taste check, or any other kind of check on this... so this site won't change at all, but periodical stuff from me will also appear there in polished English-correct form. Yay for having a formal home and an answer to give to people who ask "who do you write for?"
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