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Title:   The Hitcher
Director:   Robert Harmon
Year:   1986
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.04.07

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02.04.07Netflix Been meaning to see this one for a while (although, strangely enough, absolutely 0 interest in the remake). Rutger Hauer is the man.

This movie had a really strange structure though. On the good side, I could never really tell where it was going or when it would end, but on the bad side I could never tell if it was going anywhere and it seemed to take forever to end.

Mostly, I spent the movie hoping that Rutger Hauer wasn't actually C. Thomas Howell's psychological other half or whatever. Very glad to know he's a real flesh and blood nameless perfect killing machine capable of shooting helicoptor rotor motors out while off-roading in a truck rather than some wussy not-really-there physicalization of Howell's loonybird brain. See, kids... back in the 80s our horror movie villains were TOUGH! they needed killing, not therapy!

so aside from not really knowing what the point of it all is.... on second thought I guess the point is simple enough (don't pick up hitchhikers) and I just spent the whole time with Black Christmas complaining about all the needless backstory so I don't really wanna know anything about the Hitcher and how he can appear anywhere at any time... so no asides, I liked this movie.
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