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Title:   Polyester
Director:   John Waters
Year:   1981
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.07.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
02.07.07Alamo Downtown Thanks to IFC and creative programming, the Alamo's playing this movie with new Odorama cards (that look nearly identical from the originals... with a little cable tv branding added) to scratch n sniff n follow along to. This is just another example of why the Alamo kicks ass, you know?

So I've never seen this movie. Actually, I haven't seen a lot of Waters' early stuff. In fact, I've only seen Female Trouble, which I had mixed feelings about. Well it wasn't exactly a packed house this time but the people that were there were obviously superfans of both the director and the movie. I felt like I kept getting a different, several-levels-less-funny version of each joke when everyone in the theater erupted in uproarious laughter behind me and I just kind of smirked. I think maybe for them it was also a chance to act out, like they were transported back to when the movie first came out to packed houses and got to squeal and yell with everyone else. Yet when what I thought was the funniest line came out ("Let me kiss your DTs away") I was the only one laughing. Go figure. Maybe I was the only alcoholic in the house hardcore enough to know what the DTs are.

Anyway, This movie was kind of weird for me because it's populated with the kind of people and acted in the style of Female Trouble (pretty cheap midnight movie fare, lots of locals with awesome looks and accents but absolutely no acting ability) but it was shot and lit like it's one of Waters' later films. I guess that's explained by where it falls in his filmography but it still made for a pretty weird juxtaposition for me.

But truthfully, I don't really know why I didn't like this movie more than I did. Maybe I just missed the boat, maybe it was my alienation from the crowd who clearly loved it, maybe it was the constant sense memory of this old He-Man toy I used to have called Stinkor (he had a skunk-man head and was dipped in smelly stuff that stunk up my whole room with stink-chemical) due to the odorama card. Ultimately, I felt the same about this one as I did about Female Trouble. I'm sure I'll remember back to certain scenes, lines, or small characters (like the father in Female Trouble who leaves town to go to Detroit to "find work in the auto inDUSTry"), but overall I wasn't too taken with it. Go figure.
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