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Title:   Love Me Deadly
Director:   Jacques LaCerte
Year:   1973
Genre:   Female Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.14.07

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02.14.07Weird Wednesday Always trust in Weird Wednesday to bring you a Valentine's screening of something necrophiliac. At first you think it's doubles with incest though thanks to the copious flashbacks to when the main woman was a girl with her dad, playing on swingsets, serving him food, and all the other censorship board replacements for actual sex. The jokes on us though, as we learn at the end. Still, incest or not, thanks to her childhood this bitch is crazy.

Unable to be turned on by anything living, she must crash funerals and wait for everyone to leave so she can make out with the corpse to get her rocks off. Eventually, she meets this guy who murders prostitutes by embalming them in order to have subjects for his necro sex cult that he hosts, but she gets married so that kind of puts a cramp on her style.

You know, I'm not saying I'm into this kind of thing but... if I was a necrophiliac and hooked up with this orgy crowd that met at a funeral home, I'd kind of want to lock the door so strangers off the street couldn't just walk in on me naked and making out with a corpse. I guess that's just me though because these guys don't seem to mind. And it happens. Repeatedly.

Although the whole movie's about this girl and her lust for the deceased, there's not actually that much ewwww-worthy corpse-molestation going on here. Still, there's plenty to love about this girl who loves too much. For starters there's the theme song. For real. It's like some lost James Bond theme song that they changed the title of the movie so they decided to come up with another story where "love me deadly" would be apt enough for a title. It's an awesome song... Love me Evil... Kiss me Evil.... oh man i love it. Also, there's the husband. Some of his lines... i love how he seems to be this romantic poet at heart, occasionally reflecting on the world and his place in it with lines like "we're children, playing a game." That may just be bad writing though. When the first male prostitute realizes that he's about to be killed on an embalming table he yells out "You're not kidding! He's not kidding!" I guess he's talking to God at that point.

Also, the husband's reading of the word "Gotcha!" is... well, would it be wrong of me to say it's the best thing in the movie?

At one point the woman dresses up like a little girl and goes to the cemetary and prances around on her father's grave, talking to him and dropping long-stem roses all over the place. When the hubby confronts her she yells "No! This is not your place!" We've all been there, haven't we?

So... most of the acting in this movie is pretty bad and you can tell in a couple scenes where everyone involved agreed that the dialogue was not even worth saying (so they set it to music instead), but the movie is surprisingly serious and irony-free. And really, that's the only way a necro-love movie can work, isn't it? So watching this was great fun, especially amidst the twisted Austin lovers who thought this was a perfect Valentine's Date.
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